Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fresh Air Is Severely Oakey Doakey

It's so rare to find uncanned, intelligent, on-air banter between local television personalities that it stands out like a sore thumb. Such was the case Tuesday morning when KETV morning anchor John Oakey followed up field reporter Mike'l Severe's live shot from a florist's shop.

When Oakey asked Severe to swipe some flowers so Oakey would have something for his wife, Severe looked into the camera and said with mock astonishment, "You want me to steal some flowers for you? You're gonna give your wife STOLEN FLOWERS?!" It was a nice moment, made even more so by the fact that Oakey didn't pretend to double over with laughter, as frequently happens on several other newscasts. He just chuckled, as we did, and moved on.

In the overall scheme of things, it's not a big deal, but it was nice to see something real, especially during a newscast that features a woman awkwardly reading traffic reports from an index card.


joeygrisgris said...

Those two are always a class act. If I was suddenly in charge of KETV News, here's what I do...

Rob McCartney - stays
Julie Cornell - out
Todd Andrews - stays w/makeover
Suzanne Deyo - out
Mike DiGiacomo - stays, moves to anchor
Tom Elser - stays
Farrah Fazal - first one out
Omarosa Hammond - seond one out
Carol Kloss - out
Owen Lei out
Laura Liggett - out
Jana Murrell - out, but who would notice?
John Oakey - stays
Brandi Peterson - stays
Mike'l Severe - stays, primary sports guy
Mike Sigmund - out
Bill Randby - out
Chuck McWillaims - stays
Mumbles Bredow - out
John Scnuetz - stays
Matt Schick - close, but out

navin_johnson said...

John Oakey and Mike'L Severe are so refreshing to wake up to in the morning. Now that's what a AM newscast is all about. I'm especially fond of the days when Hammond is absent- the chemistry between Oakey, Bredow and Severe is great to watch because it's so relaxed and entertaining at the same time. The knuckle-heads at the other stations (and KETV weekend AM) need to take some notes. (NOTE: The whole Jena Morrell traffic scheme needs to go though, she scares me).

former tv person said...


Totally agree with your picks 110%!! Hopefully Joel, Rose Ann and the powers that be over at KETV see this list and take it to heart.........but I wouldn't hold my breath.

theguesswho said...

Formertvperson, While one can argue that every station in Omaha can upgrade certain areas, it is totally unrealistic to expect wholesale changes. There are budget realities, location and market realities and talent pool realities to deal with. You have a long list of people you would fire at KETV, but Im guessing that you would be hardpressed to find better replacements for many of them. Talented up and comers don't necessarily consider Omaha and usually don't stick around very long if they do. The continual grousing about who ND's should hire is amusing. You're like a baseball fan who thinks every player in the lineup should be an all-star. It just doesn't happen. Dream on.

former tv person said...


If you'll take the time to notice, I didn't compile the list. I'm simply agreeing with what another blogger stated. And I realize that Omaha is a "stepping stone" market, but come on, are you really trying to tell me that hiring interns fresh out of college (Laura Liggett) is cost effective and good for ratings? If I recall, most people have to start in a small market, ie. Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, etc. and put "one man band" sweat equity hours in to work their way up to a market of Omaha's size. I don't know, I guess I'm old school when it comes to gaining experience in television.

joeygrisgris said...

Guesswho, no one's expecting an all star lineup at the local stations. Most of would settle for competent and considerably less annoying. I sometimes feel like I watching yet another annoying rerun of Friends (excuse the redundant term) instead of the local news. It's too easy to follow the formula and say "oh well, thats the best we can do". People of vision can do better than that.

Obbop said...

Read that it took Edison over a thousand attempts to make the incandescent light bulb function in a manner acceptable to Edison's demands.

How long would it take to cycle through a thousand teleprompter-reading babblers?

Perhaps, if the Earth isn't shattered by a 25-mile-wide asteroid first, our great-great-grandkids will gaze contentedly at local newscasts that reek of pure professionalism.

Bwa hah hah hah hah hah!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, right.

And Rush Limbaugh will marry Hanoi Jane and become a Democrat and go on a peace-making mission to Iran and heap accolades upon whatever imam is in power.

Bwa hah hah hah hah hah!!!!!!!

Well, maybe it will happen.

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