Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dare to Dream

This ad, we think, explains a lot about the current state of the talent at KMTV, in particular, and the market, in general. We're not sure it provides much insight into Travis Justice's presence there. Maybe they made an exception for Trav.

[BTW, are we the only ones who are irritated by the way he pronounces the word college (CAL-idge)?]


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Now, Ted. You know A3N will never get rid of Trav. He's a JBG bed-fellow. And as long as his mindless minions continue to absorb his nauseating dreck, all of our eyes and ears will be scalded with his caustic presence.

Someone fetch me some LSD! Or a cross-bow.

omatvwatcher said...

In most markets, you can trade out real-life experience for education. But at most stations, that real-life experience should equal time in college (not two years). But another factor (as seen on channel 7) is that most kids coming out of college and limited to no experience often do much worse and know very little.

rivercity_jack said...

Channel 3rd evidently pays their anchors quite well. Mary "Weeyums" is a client where I work and without giving too many details away, she has a 6-car garage. Apparently I'm in the wrong business.

Joe Swank said...

Waaaaaaait a minute. Needing a High School degree??? How does that explain 7's hires of Matt Schick (sp?) and that new weekend weather nerd errrr guy I believe his name is Cunningham. Aren't they a part of "the Westside Crew"?

And I can't believe Justice has a high school degree with the words that mumble out of his mouth. Although he did have that scintilating for what it's worth stuff.

theguesswho said...

Did you ever think that Mary's husband may actually take home a salary as well ?

Tóózy said...

Hey Channel Third, here's my ideas to make your new Action 3 News better. Since you are now hiring non-exempt, 40 hour a week factory workers, get some REAL role players. You don't have to pay anymore than you do now, just forget about talent (not that anybody shows any right now anyway). Go for MUST TUNE IN CHARACTERS. Thats right. Characters. Somebody that entertains, not earnest, boring stiffs that cause me to turn away to other stations. Hire some or all of the following.

1.HOT WOMAN. Hire somebody incredibly sexy that isn't real intelligent, but has command of the English language. Have her do ALL the sex crimes. Describe them in lurid detail. Wear low cut or provocative attire on air.
2.OBVIOUSLY GAY MAN. Get a guy who is obviously gay in manner and dress. Does all reporting from The Rose and the Omaha Community Playhouse. Is totally unapologetic about his orientation. Reports on all child issues, giving viewers a strange, uncomfortable feeling.
3.FLAMBOYANT KLUTZ. A guy that wears checks and stripes. Has a large, yellow mustard stain on his tie. Trips over sidewalk cracks. Accidentally punches interviewee on the way down. Is often caught on air with a lit cigarette or cigar in his mouth.
4.GAY WOMYN. Covers all womens issues. Mullet required, flannel optional. Sees conspiracies from men everywhere trying to keep women barefoot and pregnant. Dons black leather and a Harley away from work, also reports on all motorcycle rides, accidents and organ donations.
5.ANGRY MINORITY. Is usually confrontational. Interviews politicians in a Che Guevara t-shirt. Always asks why any bill, ordinance, or bylaw is good for the poor. Chief political and charity reporter. Does the soup kitchen story every holiday, and grouses about the power elite and the political system keeping the man down.
6.OVER-AGED TEEN. Seems overly excited at car wrecks, fires, and stand-offs with the police. Will don hidden mike and/or camera and get footage for stings on local businesses. Seems bored when reporting on most anything else. Main consumer reporter as long as it is confrontational and criminal correspondent.

Obviously these are just a start, but it's miles ahead of what I've seen so far. If you want to break out of the social construct here in Omaha ( Six is the everythings safe, everything ok, a Republican values channel, Seven, flaky, out there at times, a little more progressive, Democrat channel, Three, no respect, just like Denny's restaurant, nobody goes there on purpose, you just end up there), you need to really change the dynamic.

Just my two cents.

Amy said...

Toozy...that comment was hilarious! As for the KMTV ad, I'm thinking I should apply...I mean, I have BOTH a HS diploma AND a college degree. I'm a shoo-in, doncha think?! (haha)

Moved_On said...

Two things -

I'm not sure, but I think Mary "Weeyums" is running off family funds. However, being at a station for 25 years does tend to increase your cash flow.

Secondly - she's divorced.

rivercity_jack said...

guesswho, I wasn't trying to slam Ms. Williams. I was just making an observation. It's no big deal. Mary seems to be quite a nice lady.

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