Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Channel 7: WTF?!

Can someone please explain why KETV has suddenly imploded? Monday night's 10 o'clock news was stunning in its awfulness.

• During a story about folks in Papillion chasing a bobcat, viewers saw this title super'd: "Bob Cat Sighted." Did someone put FUBAR Fazal in charge of this? If Bob Cat is on the loose, can Frank Leopard be far behind?

• An I-Team "investigation" delivered by Carol Kloss and her Harry Caray-esque specs featured a Fremont man telling about how his wife and mother were rammed by a cart—months ago—while at the Minneapolis airport. We're still trying to figure out why anyone at 7 thought viewers would care about this story.

Bill Randby continued his puzzling behavior, spending most of his weathercast carrying on about how cold it was this past weekend and how cold it would be next weekend. He barely seemed to notice that temps will be in the 40s and 50s most of the week. Is this guy on some sort of medication?

• The Newsbotch 7 crew ended its night with a positively inane story about a "mysterious shadow" that resembles Abraham Lincoln. Turns out that a bear sculpture was casting the shadow. BFD.

We're truly baffled by whatever it is that has befallen KETV in the past month or two. Just six months ago, it was arguably Omaha's best TV news outlet; now, it's inexplicably one of the area's most pathetic. For those of us who were rooting for Channel 7 to increase competitive pressure on the sluggish WOWT, the meltdown at 27th & Douglas couldn't have come at a worse time.


Tóózy said...

Are you sure Bob Cat was Sighted? I have it on good word he's blind!

joeygrisgris said...

The only thing that made all of this less insipid was my turning on KXVO's newcast for the first time. OMG.

Unbelievably worse than I ever expected, which wasn't very much to begin with. I watched for a total of 5 minutes. During that time, the stories by Calvert "Bud" Collins included a review of the Coldplay concert, a feature on some band called "Still in Jr. High", or something like that, and an update on who was coming to Sokol. This is news? Wabbit season. Duck season. Calvert season shoot her BLAM!!!

thethridparty said...

Could it be the station is suffering after loosing Assignment Editor Joe Kasmir? Bouncing back after loosing what ketv.com called "a leader in the newsroom" is difficult.

Cogitor said...

It must be, because that was arguably the shittiest newscast they've put out in quite some time. I tuned in to 7 last night to catch news before the Olympics was over, and couldn't believe my eyes (Action News leaves me just as baffled...especially when Trav sails through his spot like an auctioneer).

As for KXVO (I cannot bring myself to watch her again), if their slots are full of skate shop advertising, the free commercials touting Sokol's upcoming acts will serve them well. Other than that, good luck.

It's getting o that I'm turning to the paper, cnn.com, and a customized Yahoo news page for the lion's share of my news...and we all know how crappy the World-Herald can be. Sad, sad, sad.

UNMCStudent said...

WTF - an "investigation" into ONE couple that was hit accidentally in an airport....please tell exactly what there was to "investigate". Personally, I use my 'eyes' to 'look' for 'moving objects' - and to my benefit, i am seldom struck by moving objects. What's next for the I-Team? How about "Fire: It can BURN YOU AND THE ONES YOU LOVE", or maybe "Scissors: They're Sharp" -- or maybe a REAL investigation for a change, like "Broadcast Journalism: Not a real college degree"

Obbop said...

Well, the lame local media does allow the entrenched power structure to run willy-nilly over the citizenry since I see no reporting about the abuses heaped upon the taxpayer hereabouts.

Of the many locales I have lived none were as consumer-unfriendly as the cultural backwater of Nebraska.

But, since the bleating sheep citizens of this state seem to mindlessly obey their "betters" I suppose the elite-owned media sees no need to inform the unwashed masses how the continuous oval inclined plane, aka screw, is regularly inserted and twisted.

Y'all come back now, yah' hear?

soccerfan said...

Even dumber was when Carol Kloss informed us that Omaha does not use the carts, and other airports have not had any incedents!!! I have an idea for the I team - how about investigating people who drive with out of state plates on their cars, even after they have been here more than 30 days. Oh by the way start with your own I teamer Farrah Fuzzball and answer why she has Utah plates on her car? Not only is she a horrible on air reporter, she is a tax dodger as well.

soccerfan said...

How about Kloss informing us that no other airports have reported any incidents and Omaha - the very city we live in - does not use them at Epply!! I think the I team should do a story on people who move here and don't license their cars in Nebraska after the required 30 days; I have a great person to start with... none other than Farrah Fuzal. I saw her loading bags in her car with Utah plates.

voiceofmorningradio said...

When last I saw Amarosa Hammond was illegal with Alaska plates on her SUV....she was a terrible neighbor cold and standoffish...like the real Amarosa

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