Friday, February 17, 2006

Channel 6 Cams Catch Breaking Story

For the first time in their many years of existence ( at least as far as we can remember), Channel 6's "CityCam Network" actually added something to the station's coverage on Thursday afternoon.

As law enforcement was chasing an erratically driven New Jersey-plated car—and eventually getting it to run into a concrete barrier on I-80—several CityCams provided good views of the action. We only caught the tail end of the live coverage, so someone can correct us where we're wrong, but anchor Tracy Madden interrupted NBC's Olympics between 4:00 and 4: 15 to provide information on the chase, which ended near 108th and Q Streets.

"Live at Five" featured Brian Mastre standing awkwardly near the interstate and apparently shivering as he stumbled through narrating highlights of the footage.

Mercifully, Action 3 News wasn't on the scene during the chase. We can just see Kayla Thomas running out onto I-80 wearing her stupid-looking-hat-of-the-day and trying to inject herself into the story. Now that we think of it, though, if she's gonna put herself into stories anyway, maybe the middle of a busy highway is a good place for her to do it.


Cogitor said...

Yeah, and at the second interruption, Tracy announces more "local breaking update to local breaking news we brought you..." blah blah blah something like 10 minutes before. How about "Here's an update to a story we recently reported"? Jesus H. Christ, will we ever have the phrase "local breaking news" removed from the lexicon? Once the story breaks, it's broken. Done. Past tense. Updates after the fact are to stories, not to breaking news. Finally, anyone receiving the signal knows the story is local. Cut us a little slack, for God's sake.

NewsRealDeal said...

Top 10 Ways To Fill Local Newscasts

10. Recycle old news by calling it, "In Case You Missed It"
9. Have sports guy babble with crazed park ranger in February about camping and fishing
8. Send low-voiced fermale reporter out to stand in dark and pretend news is "breaking"
7. Add more bumps that say "No Wait" this and that
6. Add the word "action" to every other phrase, such as: "We'll have more 'action news' after these nine spots
5. Lead with sports, bump with sports, expand sports
4. Lead with weather, bump with weather, expand weather
3. Lame syndicated features are cheap: "S.U.V. soocer mom on the go!"
2. Blank deer-in-headlights look followed by more spots and Big Red Report in middle of winter
1. And the top way to fill a local newscast... Four words: Parking Lot Live Shots!

Obbop said...

So...... "late breaking cheap groceries news" channel six has a story dropped into their laps.


But, when the local broadcast media reported on a dog finding what may have been a human foot, then were told by "authority" it was actually a bear's foot....

Nary a peep about the rest of the bear!!!! It had to be alive at one time. Where did that bear come from? There's pumas/cougars/mountain lions/whatever term you use for a really BIG kitty cat with sharp claws and long fangs roaming the area and we hear about those critters.

What about the bear?

There are more bear attacks upon humans than from pumas. Are there bears wandering the riparian vegetation belts, ready to be startled by a human passing through; hunting, seeking mushrooms, hiking or whatever?

I have not seen a single report about the possibility of bears being present in our area. If there are folks should be warned so precautions could be taken.

Did "authority" possibly tell the media to keep things quiet and the media concurred?

I dunno'.

But, there was a story begging to be covered and the lame Omaha media either failed to realize it or possibly kow towed to Nebraska-based "authority" that is extremely unresponsive to the bleating sheep citizenry of this area who too-often oneys their "masters" (authority figures too-often unworthy of being authority or being obeyed).

newsperson said...

anyone see farrah fazal with amber harris's backpack story? officials have to "um kind of get fingerprints from the bag". priceless.

Obbop said...

Is it possible the bear story is not being covered due to the possible belief a roaming bear et' the kid?

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