Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Breaking News: Nelson Resigns

A source that has proven reliable in the past tells us that KMTV reporter Mary Nelson has resigned from Channel 3, effective March 3rd. According to this tip, Nelson has accepted a position with the Nebraska Attorney General's office. No word on whether her departure is related in any way to her handling of the bogus lottery winner story she filed on Monday night's 5 p.m. newscast.

UPDATE: We were assured late Tuesday night by a source at the station that Nelson's resignation is NOT related to her Monday Powerball story. She apparently turned in her resignation last Friday.


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

I can think of several other reporters I would rather see leave Omaha TV than Mary Nelson. Though she made a major blunder, she has come a long way overall in her tenure at KMTV, and is one of A3N's easier-to-watch reporters.

Before I got rid of Nelson, I would eradicate the following: KETV--Farrah Fazal (a nightly experiment in live terror), Jana Murrell, Tom Elser, Mike'l Severe; KMTV--Travis Justice and Devon Patton (abominations to the eyes and ears, respectively); WOWT--everyone on the reporting staff and anchor desk should go EXCEPT for Mallorie Maddox, Tracy Madden (just give her a can of Red Bull before each newscast), Michael Born and Dave Webber (you need one relic to promote). At KPTM, get rid of Jo Giles and at KXVO, Calvert Collins needs to relocate to another market--such as Dothan, Alabama or North Platte.

A lot of holes to fill, but dead weight is worse!

joeygrisgris said...

Just a guess, but if Mary Nelson already had another gig set up (which it sounds from the timing like she did), she was probably in "screw this business and the stations that employ Travis Justice with them" mode when she did the absurd lottery bit.

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