Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Wasted Opportunity

On Sunday night's post-Olympics newscast, WOWT anchor John Knicely proved, yet again, that he may be the least curious Omaha television anchor ever.

When a local affiliate gets the opportunity to interview Nebraska's claim to Winter Olympics fame, bobsledder Curt Tomasevicz, viewers might expect to find out how Tomasevicz ended up on the team, what it's like to be in Torino, etc. Not with Knicely asking the questions, though.

Instead, as he seems to do with virtually any conversation (remember when he and Pat Persaud got face time with NBC anchor Brian Williams in 2004?), Knicely's questions appear to have focused almost exclusively on how Tomasevicz's experience as a walk-on Husker football player contributed to his bobsledding skills. (We say "appear" because we didn't actually see John conversing with his interviewee; all we saw was a shot or two of Knicely sitting at the anchor desk grinning vacantly at a green-screen image of Tomsevicz.)

Arrrgh. Even when the Big Six has a story handed to it on a platter, its lead anchor appears to be so numbed by his dependence on canned segments and meaningless catch-phrases that he can't capitalize on what should be an excellent chance to break out of the station's monotonous routine.

Being John Knicely must be incredibly pleasant. With high ratings, a high salary, and no male talent at the station contending for his job, he certainly needn't try very hard to keep drawing that paycheck. Clearly, he's taking full advantage of the situation.


gerrishnut said...

Don't Leave Courtny. I miss you already!!

omatvwatcher said...

Some say it's better to be lucky than good. Six happened to be the station the guy who found Amber Harris's backpack called, so they got good video. The high speed chase ended right in front of their tower cam by the Interstate, so they had the best video. Douglas County starts a career criminal hotline, *6, because that happens to be the percentage of career criminals out there. If they followed all this luck up with a little talent and creativity, just imagine how much they would actually dominate. Of course, it helps to have the history of WOWT to get that luck to fall into your lap.

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

A more accurate name for WOWT than the Big Six is "Channel Sucks"...because they do. And the mindless automatons who watch are oblivious to the dreck that is absorbed by their eyes and ears.

Wake up, Omaha. Channel Sucks should be in fifth place--not first. Then maybe they'd replace that godawful set and dated news theme, get rid of that useless 4pm newscast and CLEAN HOUSE!

TheGoodOldDays said...

I have been reading this blog for months and get a kick out of the creative writing here. I have passed this blog on to more than 50 people I know as I think at the very least it is good reading.

Now that Action 3 News has updated it make 6 look even more armature. With their high ratings and obviously low salaries for most of their “talent” they can afford to get some first rate theme music and graphics that don’t look 2-D and from 1997. Also, they need to take a cue from A3N and get a faster paced script going. I think Tracy Madden makes EVERYONE else in the anchor chair look pathetic. I simply do not understand how they can stand by and produce a product as bad as they do. I would LOVE to see a story in the Reader or (gulp!) OWH on the changing state of our local media. Action 3 News… way to go! Thank you for stepping up and taking a chance. I don’t think many people in Omaha realize they have a voice on this issue. If you think our news is as pathetic as many on here say, send emails or letter to the stations with your concerns. Or better yet, send the letters directly to their corporate offices.

jmsqabq said...

The last paragraph of this posting is the best, most concise, most on-target take I've heard or read on John Kniceley.
He sleep walks thru life and never walks into any walls.

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