Monday, January 09, 2006

Weekend News Just Keep Getting Worse

We returned this weekend after a week away to find weekend TV news slipping further into the crapper.

First comes word that KMTV's stellar weekend anchor Sarah Simmons is leaving for a gig in Washington, D.C. Simmons is every bit as good as any anchor in town, yet the programming geniuses at Channel 3 couldn't see their way clear to get her into a higher profile position. Now they've gone and lost her to a larger market. After losing weekend meteorologist Sarah Walters to Phoenix in September, this leaves KM3's weekend lineup—the best in town a year ago—pretty well demolished.

Of course being best on the weekends in Omaha doesn't take a lot, given what's on the other stations. Aside from WOWT's Courtny Gerrish and KPTM's Amanda Mueller, both of whom need to be filling regular weekday slots, the cupboard is bare when it comes to talent. Gerrish's co-anchor, Paul Baltes is nearly invisible and seems to be in a colossal struggle with his contact lenses whenever he's on the air. And instead of having the sense to let Mueller anchor solo, Fox42 keeps saddling her with fill-ins like Jo Giles and Calvert "Larry 'Bud'" Collins.

By far the biggest weekend trainwreck, however, is piloted by the perenially inept Suzanne Deyo at KETV. On Saturday, for example, while video of protesters standing along a curb rolled, Deyo told viewers that passing cars gave "honks of disagreement." Exactly how she was able to distinguish between a honk of disagreement and a honk of support she didn't disclose.

Never satisfied with just one idiotic remark, Deyo came back on Sunday to tease a story about Texas QB Vince Young by asking, "Will he turn pro or head back to Kansas?" Deyo is to anchoring what Pauly Shore is to acting. Only not as smart.

But Deyo isn't the only drag on Channel 7's weekend 'cast. The station's weekend mumblerologist, Chuck McWilliams not only sounds like Buster on "Arrested Development," he also apparently writes like a high school girl. Graphics accompanying his Saturday weathercast said something like: "Mild weather today!! Cooler Temps Coming??" OMG!!
Double punctuation is soooo expressive!!

One final weekend note: WOWT's Gary Smollen handled live-from-the-field duties during the Saturday morning newscast despite apparently being in a medically-induced coma.


King Vernon said...

Sarah Simmons, Where is she going in DC?

Tóózy said...

As long as you are blogging about the "second team and reserves", did you catch Brandi Petersen's report on the train derailment on the 5PM news? In describing one of the railcars, she used the term "smooshed". It was as if David Brinkley reached out from the grave to guide her! Luckily, we do not know if she thought her hair "sucked", or if the assignment "rocked".

omatvwatcher said...

Um, I think that word is spelled "smushed".

splog2 said...

Sarah is as good looking in person as she is on the tube. How many "good talents" has 3 lost in the past decade or so?

rivercity_jack said...

I always knew Sarah Simmons would land a gig in a bigger market. No offense to Deb Ward, but Simmons should have been promoted to lead anchor @ KMTV way back during their 2001-02 "housecleaning". She has always had that strong, smart, and credible presence and she's quite a looker to boot. The Sarah Simmons/Greg Peterson team would have made me watch 3 again on a regular basis. Heck, she could have gone to KETV and replaced Julie "cat face" Cornell. Simmons and McCartney would have been a strong duo as well. Good luck in DC Sarah! We'll miss you! :(

rivercity_jack said...

Dammit,Sarah Simmons has beautiful eyes and her hair smells like cinnamon! LOUD NOISES!!!!

jzpenguin said...

Sarah Simmons leaving? Rats!

DiggerDog said...

Simmons leaving is not a big deal. She doesn't know how to dress while on air. In short, the blazer look went out about 10 years ago. A sweater would be nice.

Now if Courtny Gerrish were to leave town, that would be really bad. We all know she's the best looking news anchor in the history of Nebraska news. On top of that, she is also a great anchor, and the best Nebraska has today.

Deyo does a decent job however. she desperately needs "improvements". A trip to her friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon and a couple weeks of recovery would solve her issues.

By the way, nice blue sweater last Sunday Courtny.

Tóózy said...

Courtny Gerrish isn't THAT great. She is usually surrounded by a cast of dolts, thereby seeming better than she is. Now if they would surround her with some bulldogs, it would soften her jaw line!

gerrishnut said...

Gerrish's "Body of Work" is without equal. Her sweater-work is beyond compare.

Has anyone else noticed that Madden had those things removed from her face?

no_news_is_good_news said...

Courtny does do justice to sweaters and so does Andrea Bredow in the mornings...but then again, Trav can probably fill out a sweater!

DiggerDog said...

Yes I noticed Madden got her mini goiters removed from her face.

Oh, Bredow would look better by spending more time in the gym and less time at the vending machine. So would Maddox.

toozy, you need to get your eyes checked, because Gerrish is THAT great and THAT hot

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