Thursday, January 19, 2006

Update on Bill's Snowgasm

Remember the Friday snowstorm that KETV weatherguesser Bill Randy on Monday said could give us EIGHT TO TWELVE INCHES of snow? The one he was literally yelling about?

Well, the chubby we suspect he'd developed over that possibility appears to have gone limp. The latest prediction from Saggy Bill is a 30% chance. Other guesses:
McPike (KM3): 40%
Pearsall (KPTM): 30%
Flowers (WOWT): No mention of snow in latest online forecast.


UNMCStudent said...

30% CHANCE OF SNOW!!! southofomaha.

Obbop said...

70% chance of NO snow south of Omyhaw!!!!!

And, I think the cup is half empty.

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