Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Schrader Assumes Assessor Post

Omaha broadcasting legend and former longtime KETV anchor Carol Schrader is reported by the local paper to have taken a $50,000-a-year job as a deputy to Douglas County Assessor Roger Morrissey.

Schrader, who was widely believed to have been forced out at KETV in 1997 to make room for current anchor Julie Cornell, served as KFAB radio's news director for a year before leaving to do freelance work. She has been seen most recently as host of KYNE's "Consider This" public affairs interview program.

Schrader Set to Fill Assessor's Office Void [OWH]


rivercity_jack said...

Good for her! I'm glad to see and hear that she's still keeping busy. Carol Schrader wasn't my absolute favorite anchor in the world (Gary Kerr was my favorite), but looking back on it, I think that then KETV G.M. Phyllis Nedd & or then news director Rosanne Shannon had a lot to do with Carol's departure. If memory serves, a few more people left KETV on a sour note within a year or so of Schrader's departure.

omahanewsjock said...

As a general rule I think we are allowed to stop reading any commentary as soon as the phrase "Gary Kerr was my favorite" (or any combination of said words) is used in a sentence. I would like to see Carol Schrader make a run at governor before it's all said and done.

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