Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Resemblance Is Eerie

A few days ago, just minutes after enduring the umpteenth airing of former WOWT "anchor" Pat Persaud's spot for an exciting trip to Australia, we flipped over to KXVO and caught an episode of the Simpsons that featured this image of teacher Edna Krabapple and couldn't help being reminded of the slinky attire Queen Pat frequently draped over her wrinkly torso back when she was climbing into the anchor chair.


dannymccaslin said...

With the merger of UPN and the WB, does this mean that the KXVO news will be canceled unless it is before September :)?

Travs Buddy said...

Queen Pat is an Edna Drabapple....WOWT should bring Queen Pat back as a novelty, just like David Letterman does with the zoo animals. When the animals are on his show we all laugh. When Queen Pat shows up we can laugh at her wardrobe and puke when she tries to make sense.
Come on Big 6 let her go; she is more valuable to you off the air.

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