Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Randby Encroaching on Flowers' Territory

We stumbled onto KETV meteorologist Bill Randby's 5 o'clock weather segment on Monday and found him in a pretty agitated state about a storm out over the Pacific that he said could result in 'EIGHT TO TWELVE INCHES!" of snow on Friday or Friday night. Randby then added, in more controlled tones, that the aforementioned totals were likely to accumulate...in Des Moines.

Over on Channel 6, WOWT Precision Ejacucaster Jim Flowers, who usually behaves like a miniature poodle on speed at the slightest hint of precipitation, remained uncharacteristically calm while suggesting that such a storm is, indeed, possible.

Randby had apparently calmed down by 10 p.m., when his mention of Friday snow was limited to a 30% chance and just a casual reference to possible accumulation. Even if he turns out to be right, however, Mr. Cornell needs to have his ears boxed for getting himself (and trying to get viewers) so worked up over a storm that's still 2,000 miles away.

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