Friday, January 13, 2006

Naming Names

Another alert reader informs us that KETV has actually had the on-air team for its weekend morning program lined up for a while now, despite GM Joel Vilmenay's claim to Sean Weide that such details were not yet finalized.

Anchoring the new show will be Brandi Petersen and Todd Andrews, with struggling reporter Laura Liggett handling live-from-the-field chores and current weekend mumblerologist Chuck "Mushmouth" McWilliams offering guesses about the weather.


rivercity_jack said...

Brandi Peterson? I may have to start watching NewsWatch 7 on saturday/sunday mornings.

newsperson said...

"STRUGGLING" reporter laura liggett?? Thats just the tip of the iceberg. she has no experience (i'm not even sure where she came from...she's never been added to their website, yet owen lei's bio is up and he's been here about two days), she can't put together a sentence to save her life, and whats with the constant head vibrations? I feel like she should be on my car's dash board in a hula skirt. And DO NOT get me started on Renee Ludvik. Did she graduate high school YESTERDAY?? Whats with that voice from hell? But other than that, go KETV. Oh, but i think owen lei could be promising, he actually has experience and a reputable degree.

Travs Buddy said...

Brandi and Todd! It will be like watching the high school seniors at Westside.
I hope they did not pay the consultants for this advice!!

"newsperson"...your post reads as if your an upset overlooked reporter working in KETV's newsroom, only an insider would know that Owen's bio was on the website within two days of employment.

DiggerDog said...

The only way to watch Brandi Peterson is when she's wearing a tight light colored sweater and the tv is on mute. If she's the wearing the "mom" blazer, then one would be better off watching This Old House

Obbop said...

I came

I saw

I left

newsperson said...

in response to "travs buddy"... one, if i were a REPORTER in ketv's newsroom, how could i be being overlooked? i'd be a reporter, which is what they are. if you report, you're on the air. two, only an insider would know about the profile? true, or anyone who goes to and clicks on the bios.

but aside from that, can you honestly say you disagree with my points?

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