Monday, January 23, 2006

Maybe They Just Like That Name

Channel 6 just can't stop patting itself on the back for reuniting a cat lost in Council Bluffs with its Albany, New York owners. Now that "Bodhi" (pronounced BO-dee) is taken care of, maybe the Big Six will make lost pets a regular segment on "Live at 4," especially since KFAB radio no longer interrupts programming to mention that someone lost a dog in the area of 34th and Erskine.

As for the name of the cat: isn't that also the name of the kid WOWT was having fundraisers for last year? You know, the one that anchor John Knicely kept reminding us had had his "genitalia" rippped off by a dog? Perhaps that, too, can become a regular "News for Where You Live" feature: Here's Gary Smollen with this week's "Something Named Bodhi."


Cogitor said...

No, they'll send "First Responder" Brian New any time there's a Bodhi sighting. Courtny Gerrish actually tossed to "First Responder" Brian New when he was standing on a deserted street outside the Correctional Center Sunday night, well after an inmate escaped with what is now being called a soap gun. First Responder. Good God.

Speaking of weaponry with lathering power, when, oh when, will area hospitals stop issuing gun-shaped soap? And when will people charged with transporting criminals (who are fully shackled, mind you) properly pat them down and not fall for the old Lever 2000 semi-automatic trick? Or maybe it was an Irish Springfield.

Obbop said...


Tastes like chicken.


Film at eleven.


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