Tuesday, January 24, 2006

KM3 Now Back in HD on Cox

KMTV, in an abrupt about-face, announced during Sunday's Pittsburgh-Denver AFC Championship game that its HD signal is now available via Cox Cable. The announcement, made via a scroll at the bottom of the screen and reiterated by a more formal announcement during Monday's Todd 'n' Tyler show on radio station Z-92, reverses a policy instituted by KM3's previous owner, Emmis Communications. Emmis pulled its HD signal from the Cox lineup in 2004, when Cox refused an Emmis demand that Cox pay for the right to carry KM3-HD.

Journal Broadcasting, which also owns Z-92 and several other area radio outlets, completed its purchase of Channel 3 in December.


RICK said...

This is kick ass! Think about all the extra news you'll be able to fit along the sides of that crystal-clear widescreen display.

Sick up and fed said...

Thanks for nothin' Channel Third! Football season is over and NOW you decide to provide the HD signal to Cox? You guys are freakin' geniuses! See you next September...

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