Wednesday, January 18, 2006

He's That Good

We stumbled across this archived Onion article and imagine that the scenario portrayed therein is similar to what happened one day ten or twelve years ago at WOWT and begat the nightly gigglefest that ends nearly every 10 p.m. newscast on Channel 6. Enjoy.

TV-News Graphics Guy Gives Weatherman On-Air Surprise [The Onion].

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Obbop said...

I have e-mailed the babbling buffoons at Ch. 6 for years, lambasting them for bragging about their E. Murrow Award (they stopped airing that bragging not long after), for making a breaking news story out of Sears selling a new brand of washing machine (haven't seen them resort to that tactic again), and, for the constant phony giggling like little girls as they attempt to portray a warm fuzzy atmosphere chock-full of love. Don't know about y'all but it appears the readers de la teleprompter have toned the guffawing down a bit. Whatever corporate droid is lurking behind the scenes, instructing his lackeys how to behave on-air, must have finally awoken from his/her near-coma and realized how contrived that infantile girly giggling appears on the viewer's screen at home.

Interestingly, the babbling bombastic spewers of what they consider news have never responded to the huge number of messages I have sent. Even the very very few that complimented for removing their communal heads from their.... well, it's a cloaca in reptilian creatures.

Channel 6, the station one loves to hate. The epitomy of lameness. The quintessential corporate-owned blatherers of blither who retreat from their duty of informing the citizenry so as to assist in the continued existence of our representative republican government.

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