Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fox42 Follies

• KPTM reporter/beauty pageant contestant Suzy Stark noted idiotically that after a local bar patron died of lung cancer recently, owners of the bar decided to do whatever they could to make sure "that doesn't happen again." Aren't most people limited to just one death?

• New reporter Julie Hong co-anchored Sunday night's Nine O'Clock News with Jo Giles and the result was not in any way an adequate substitute for Amanda Mueller. Hong is about a dozen times easier to listen to than the nasal whininess of Giles, but at times seems like she's just a little too wound up.

• Speaking of KPTM, how long will they keep running those goofy Anchorman-style promos? They're so hokey we laugh every time they appear. If you've somehow missed them: the feature the station's anchor team milling about until Tracy Jacim gives a Barbara Eden-as-Jeanie cross-armed blink that causes the gang to look toward the camera and freeze. It really is as ridiculous as it sounds.

• We've said that we don't consider KXVO's 10 p.m. newscast to be much worse than WOWT's half-assed "Live at 4," and we stand by that. But we're talking about content, not production values. The KXVO set looks, as numerous commenters and emailers have pointed out, like something a high school kid might construct in his basement, what with the HDTV screen seemingly surrounded by a posterboard frame that features the station's logo. Also amusing is the size of the set itself, which appears to be roughly equal to two broom closets.

• The appearance that the whole thing is some kid's "pretend" studio is the fact that anchor Calvert Collins often appears to be delivering the news wearing her Farrah Fawcett wig.


Joe Swank said...

By accident I stumbled accross the Sat or Sunday night news on 42 ahhhhhhhh!

I thought they were changing their moniker at 42 to "the area's most diverse news team" or something. For the 30 seconds I watched it was HORRRRRRIBLE

joeygrisgris said...

In the immortal words of basketball announcer/former player Bill Walton.....horrrrrrible.....terrrrrrible...
and ...uh oh.

ego_bruiser said...

Comparing Tracy Jacim to Barbara Eden- shut your mouth!
She's got a disturbingly large mouth rearing to gobble up Wilson during cross-talks, trying to have the last word in every segment.
She's the most fake on-air "talent" next to her husband Double D-john.
Drop the pen, keep your hands down during your reads and tame your mouth while talking and smiling... you scare the children.

tv 42 watcher said...

who is Tracy's Husband

Roger said...

I just watched a commerical on FOX 42 that OUTRAGED me. A pespi commerical showing a tagger tagging the side of a building and to top it off it was during AMW show with John Walsh.

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