Thursday, December 08, 2005

Who Drained the Talent Pool at Channel 6?

Wednesday night at Channel 6, the 10 p.m. newscast featured a lineup that should've been billed as "Tracy Madden and the Dorks." Demonstrating just how bereft of male talent the station has become, WOWT subjected viewers to Brian Mastrebator, filling in for regular anchor John Knicely, Merlyn Klaus subbing for Dave Webber at the sports desk, and high-talker Jeff Jensen handling Ejacu-Weather forecasting duties in Jim Flowers' absence.

As if that weren't enough, there was also a report on "box stores" like Wal-Mart and a push by some locals to require such stores to put up more aesthetically pleasing structures. The story, by corpse impersonator Gary Smollen, addressed the appearance of such buildings; inexplicably, his primary interviewee—a woman who lives across the street from a newer Wal-Mart in Millard—complained only about how the store's exterior lights flood her home 24/7, saying nothing about the appearance of the building. It was incongruous, at best.

The departure of similarly weak Doug Walker gives the Big Six a chance to hire a male reporter who has (a) a pulse, (b) a head covered with his own hair, and (c) no discernible speech impediments. Taking advantage of this opportunity would be a nice change of pace for a station whose management continues to coast on its past glories and big budgets.


OmahaRadioHead said...

I could swear that channel six's news producer must be lost as well. It seems to me that over the past couple of weeks that they been rehashing the hell out of stories at 6am, 4, 5, 6, and 10pm. And all damn weekend long. I did not think that they were ever gonna get done blowing up that building in South Dakota. The horse is dead, it cannot defend itself, STOP BEATING IT! I swear my cable box must be stuck on that useless News on 1. I guess no matter what, at least we have the wacky canned banter of Jim Sidlecki, and Brian New.

Tóózy said...

Hey Ted:
You got to give Scott Akin some props. Last week when he was filling in for the Pornstache, there was a forecast for a few inches of snow. Instead of on air Armageddon as is the usual, he was very relaxed with it, no hyperbole, no doom. He just went about his business, seemingly giving the audience credit for knowing about winter. He stopped just short of calling us "knuckleheads" like a Bill Murray character, and telling us to drive like the crazies we are. It was refreshing.

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