Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend Weirdness

• We shoulda known it was gonna be a strange weekend when we walk into our favorite restaurant on Friday evening and there sits Travis Justice waiting for a table. Having to spend several minutes looking at His Fatness from a distance of only three feet doesn't exactly bode well for any meal, no matter how hungry you might've been. Lucky for the Brockmans that he wasn't seated near us; we think we only heard him braying like a mule once or twice.

• Former KETV weekend sports anchor Sean McMahon made his debut on WOWT this weekend—as a spouse. Now that he's no longer working for the competition, the Big Twits at the Big Six must've decided they could permit him to appear in the "holiday wishes" promo with wife Tracy Madden and their twins. Given the pathetic state of the male talent on that station, they oughta try to get him into promos year-round.

• God help poor Rebecca Kleeman. We would speculate that monkeys were running the control room on Sunday morning, but to do so would insult the professionalism of monkeys. No one seemed to be able to inform Kleeman which camera to look at, and even when they did, they kept giving her inaccurate information.

Later, right in the middle of a taped piece, the Powerball graphic popped onto the screen while interview audio continued to roll underneath. This lasted for at least six or seven seconds—long enough for all five numbers plus the Powerball to be revealed. Combine the techno-debacle with the fact that Kleeman has to share the studio with Ejacu-Weather Super Tool Michael Born, and it'll be a wonder if she even shows up at work again. When it comes to amateurish technical values, KPTM has nothing on the weekend crew at Channel 6.


Amy said...

Too funny. What a fun thing to find when perusing thru the random blog listings! Please tell me in the past you've let loose on the farce that is Fox 42 news AND I'd love a rip on Tracy's hair (it's kinda a media mullet). Faboo--keep it up!

the_s_man said...

amy must be drinking teddys koolaid..god help her

Obbop said...

Poor Trav........

My little buddy.....

Well, e-mail buddies.... when he responded to my few agreements and a multitude of lambastings in response to his opinionating over the waves of air during his past pert-near nightly oratory.

Trav's a cute little fellah'.

Can't help but like the guy.

You know.... the old so-homely-it's-kinda'-cute scenario.

And, the lad does display some purdy' ties.

I despise sports and refuse to watch or listen or follow grown men playing games when there are so many more important issues facing us as individuals and society as a whole.

I have no idea how Trav performs while doing his sports thing. But, I suppose if he continues to wear those mighty-fine ties my little buddy will do just fine.

It's just a shame Trav wasn't with me in SE Asia...... I coulda' taught the lad "the ropes" and turned him into a kick-booty-and-take-names old salt.

Alas........ Trav will just have to stumble through the broadcasting melee with the skills he has.

Still..... he's a cute little guy that reminds me of a goofy little brother. Shucks.... shades of "Leave it to Beaver"!!!!!! I feel like "Wally" to his little brother "Beaver."

"Hey!!!! Beav, dad's gonna' give you a whompin if yah' don't do that sports reporting correctly!!!!"

Hee hee.


Damon Scott Hynes said...

Re: Becca; It was too bad that El Grande Seis screwed the pooch vis-a-vis production--because Rebecca had a great sweater on. Beats the ever-living hell out of those jackets she usually wears.

blogboy said...

Weather car drop anchor to weather fish smooth coolin' not without fault but with failing mouth. Only the lonely can play. How 'bout tickle do, if the wiskey holds out we can run 'till we hat the dog not with my halibut but with the wit that holds on my heart not nachos but shoes to wall is cow on horse. If only my brother carl was here we could smelt the cooper 'eh hows doin' too much dairy for a little boy how 'bout rockafeller and to of!!!! Pizza can taby. 'Bout that!! he he.

theguesswho said...

Ted, Did it ever occur to you that the reason Sean was not in previous Channel 6 holiday greetings with Tracy was because Channel 7 did not want him to be ? Get a clue.

Cogitor said...'re saying that 6 would've repeatedly aired the face of the competition's sports man? I doubt that. Highly. I would suspect the truth lies somewhere inbetween...that neither station would feature competing personalities, regardless of what holiday is being celebrated.

joeygrisgris said...

Can't we all just get along?

theguesswho said...

Cogitor, You may be right. Either possibility certainly eluded Ted. Imagine that. Faboo Ted...keep it up.

Cogitor said...

Well, one thing he's right about for sure is the complete lack of quality of the weekend production at 6. I saw it too, and it was absolutely pitiful. Happens frequently there. Even when I was interning at Cox (a few decades ago when they did some local stuff and sports - Royals games, etc.) we were 10 times better. You just didn't have the constant miscues with mics, tape decks, and floor directors cueing the wrong cameras. It's just bush league work, and I'm amazed that it is allowed to continue at a network affiliate in a market this size. We're not New York, but we're not East Toadstool, Mississippi, either, for God's sake.

weatherwoman said...

After hearing of the monkeys in prior weeks, I made it a point to tune in this weekend. I wasn't disappointed. What a sad pathetic newscast. Kleeman handled it well I must say - she doesn't get flustered easily I don't think. I'd have jumped the fence and strangled someone. Probably why I'm not on camera.

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