Thursday, December 08, 2005

An Ulterior Motive?

An alert reader points out that part of KM3's haste in naming Travis Justice "Sports Director" and returning sports to the 10 p.m. newscast could be related to the following clause in the Alamo Bowl's credentialing guidelines:

"Television: All stations must have regular nightly sports segments with a full-time sports director/talent. "

Words that must have been spoken at the station in the past few days: "Okay, we have a regular nightly sports segment, and we have a full-time sports director (or what passes for one). But where are we gonna find talent on such short notice?"


Husker Mike said...

Except that KM3 will be carrying the Creighton basketball game that night...

Ted Brockman said...

So you're saying they won't cover the game at all? Seems unlikely. My bet is that Trav will be in San Antonio and they'll pull someone else in to do play-by-play on the CU game. Or maybe they'll hire another sports reporter by then.

Obbop said...

Ya'll just be nice to my little buddy.

Trav trys. He gets giddy while bubbling over with unadulterated glee while doing his sports thang.

Trav's just a good ol' boy and, over here 'cross the holler, we put up with his flaws while extolling his obvious excellent taste in choosing ties.

Shucks, yep. Trav's just a good ol' boy. A little dense at times but look at the class of folk he has to hang around!!!!!!!!

Husker Mike said...

If anything, KM3 will try to swap out of that game to televise another game. Most TV sets will probably be tuned to ESPN that night.

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