Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Trolling with the Remote: 10 p.m. Flipping

• How tired has Channel 6 gotten? So tired that sometimes the predictability level is so high that the only fun is guessing which bumbler will be handling which story.

In the case of the fatal shooting of a tobacco store worker on Tuesday, the winning answer was Gary Smollen and Brian New.

Smollen handled the story at 6 p.m. and was on again at 10. They should really be careful about sending this guy out to a crime scene where there's a dead body involved. One of these days he's bound to be mistaken for the corpse, and there's probably no end to the paperwork that Channel 6 producers will need to fill out to get him released from the morgue.

Honestly, how would you prove he's alive? Certainly not from his delivery, which sounds better suited to describe a Sunday afternoon bake sale than a murder investigation. This guy makes comedian Steven Wright sound like Robin Williams by comparison.

As for New, well what can you say about a TV reporter who always sounds like he's about to burst into tears? Neither the quavering voice, nor the deadpan/deer-in-the-headlights expression inspire a lot of confidence that he has even the slightest clue what he's talking about. And he appears to have stolen KETVNewswatch7Investigator Carol Kloss' leather jacket.

• Luckily, Kloss still has her Jiminy Glick-ish spectacles; she was sporting them during her Tuesday story about the Dundee serial rapist who wants a new trial.

• Back at 6, don't even get us started on Sheila Brummer, who was filling in again for Tracy Madden. That creepy, eyes-half-closed grin that she occasionally flashes really makes our skin crawl. Is she possessed? On drugs? Or just scary without even trying? Yamahama, it's fright night when the Des Moines castoff is in the anchor chair.

• And yes, KMTV anchor Deb Ward really did say it. Coming out a a story about a teenager whose muscular dystrophy attacks the heart muscle, has killed two of his brothers, and threatens to claim him if he doesn't get a transplant, Ward really looked into the camera and said, "Our hearts go out to the family." Smooth.


omatvwatcher said...

I've only been in Omaha for about a year and a half and I can already predict not only what will lead most of their newscasts, but who will be on it. I can also cringe in advance for the awkward transitions from reporter to anchor that always inevitably come. They have hands down the most awkward bunch of newscasts. How they continue to maintain high ratings is beyond me.

DiggerDog said...

Courtny Gerrish looked and performed her usually spectacular way when she filled in for Madden. Now, if WOWT would just make that a permanent change, get rid of Knicely, and let Gerrish do the news all to by herself, they'd have the best news team in Omaha.

Joe Swank said...

Did anyone else see the Fox 42 news last week (wait that is an oxymoron as if i was watching I would be the only one) I normally dont watch, but they had a story on a sewer backup in CB which was described as Old Fithful. The old lady homeowner described the standing water as such "it wasnt like there were turds floating or anything just like someone had diarreha (sp?).

Did we really need to hear that quote??

weatherwoman said...

I have to make it a point to watch ch 42.

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