Thursday, December 29, 2005

Scarier Than the Plane Crash

WOWT's noon news featured reporter Sheila Brummer live from the scene. Apparently dispatched to the site directly from a deep sleep, Brummer appeared with no makeup and hair that was flat, at best. The hideousness of the picture defies description. We were actually relieved when the wind blew her hair and partially obscured her face. It was scarier than a KETV close-up of Elictia Hammond when she has her hair pulled back, if you can imagine that. Wow. We are trying to obtain a screen cap.


journalism101 said...

Ever since the outing "Ted" has been on a real mean streak. Enough on the appearance posts already.

Ted Brockman said...

Sorry, Suzanne, um, I mean "journalgasm." Let me guess: "everyone has good days and bad days." Isn't that your usual line? How 'bout you let me write the blog and you go back to looking awkward at the anchor desk?

King Vernon said...

Are we supposed to know who Mr. Brockman is now?

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