Saturday, December 03, 2005


Q: What's more painful than listening to a dietician?
A: Listening to WOWT's Andrea McMaster interview two of them.

Such was our misfortune Saturday afternoon when we stumbled onto Channel 6's "Heartland Focus" public service program. Apparently recorded before she went on maternity leave, McMaster's little show focused on eating disorders and allowed the vacuuous anchor/reporter to ask two dieticians stupid questions like, "Can dieting lead to eating disorders?"

As is frequently the case, this riveting half-hour showed the station's version of Suzanne Deyo sporting her favorite magenta blazer and over-enunciating the first "T" in the word important. As an added bonus, we learned that Andrea's mother requests a doggie bag when dining out, then puts half her meal in the bag before she even starts eating!

We really hope McMoron is enjoying her new role as a mother. In fact, we hope she enjoys it so much that she stays home permanently.


comment said...

This is why no one posted until now:

Dude, that was such a low comment to make about Andrea. If you don't like her work and want to make fun of it... fine. But to blast her name and suggest a recent mother go on unemployment is JUST WRONG and very mean spirited.

That being said, I enjoy logging onto your blog, but in all fairness your last comment crossed the line.

bandit75 said...

Ten points to comment for second best screen name ever.

kingofthestupidpeople said...

We all know mine is the first. What do I get?

bandit75 said...

Minus ten for asking your highness.

Obbop said...

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