Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rethinking Scott Akin

Alert reader tóózy writes,

Hey Ted:

You got to give Scott Akin some props. Last week when he was filling in for the Pornstache, there was a forecast for a few inches of snow. Instead of on air Armageddon as is the usual, he was very relaxed with it, no hyperbole, no doom. He just went about his business, seemingly giving the audience credit for knowing about winter. He stopped just short of calling us "knuckleheads" like a Bill Murray character, and telling us to drive like the crazies we are. It was refreshing.

Okay. We'll grudgingly agree that if, under some godforsaken circumstance, we were forced to choose our favorite Channel 6 Ejacu-Weather meteorologist, we'd choose Akin.

Akin is, as noted above, the least prone to hysterical over-prediction and the least annoying of the bunch. Yes, his bantering is weak, but most of the time, he's having to deflect whatever witticism Jim "The Shouter" Siedlecki has lobbed at him. Siedlecki, who has dragged the entire morning operation down to his level, seems to fancy himself something of a hipster/expert-on-everything instead of recognizing that he'd be "kind of a big deal" only if he were in a market half this size.

Now before all you Friends of Jim email us about what a nice guy he is, save it. A nice guy he may be, but a smoothly confindent, knowledgeable anchor he ain't. He seems to suffer from some kind of voice modulation disorder which causes him to be a bit of a loud-talker. We could go on, but it's the Christmas season, dammit. The bottom line is that the only thing we viewers care about is how he comes across on-air.

But we digress: Akin is miles ahead of his wanky weather co-workers. We've discussed Jim Flowers' apparent psycho-sexual connection to the climate. We've also registered our disdain for high-talker Jeff Jensen, whose voice makes us yearn for the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. And then there's the toolish-looking Michael Born, whose creepy visage in those opening montages has been known to frighten pets and small children.

Given the quality of his co-workers, picking Akin as the best among them is hardly a ringing endorsement.


Riddlemethis said...

Riddle me this. Riddle me that.

He once was a producer. But now works for an Ad Agency.

But along came a blog to help him feel better about a job he couldn't do.

Watch it Ted. We are coming for you!

Tóózy said...

Hey, great post!
Obviously Ted works and plays well with others.

Ted Brockman said...

Methinks "riddlemethis" might be into the egg nogg a little heavy this season.

theguesswho said...

Well, well Ted. This certainly would explain your gutless refusal to reveal your identity. You really do have something at stake.
Good work "riddlemethis". Local media types have a pretty good idea who you are talking about.

Riddlemethis said...

Riddle me this and riddle me that.

I love egg nog! With lots of Bailey's if you know what I mean!

assdesk said...

It all makes sense now. I'll be giving up Baileys in my news juice. And I'll be sure the "clients" know why.

rivercity_jack said...

While on the subject of "rethinking" I have been rethinking Sheila Brummer lately and dare I say it on your blog Ted, but I kinda like her! Yes! I like Sheila Brummer, she has done a fairly decent job in Madden's absense. Ok, now that I have come out of my "Sheila Brummer" closet, you all can hate or disagree w/ me. Back to Mr. Akin, you gotta give the guy credit for not going "doomsday" like his boss, Tricky Dick Flowers and his apocalyptic antics.

Riddlemethis said...

Riddle me this and Riddle me that!

What is the fastest way to end your TV career.

Be a Photog in Lincoln?
Be an average producer in Omaha?

What do you think Ted?

Maybe you can ask a little birdie for advice. I hear birds talk these days. If you know what I mean?

JacksonJJohnson said...

When Rich B finds out about this Ted's gonna tinkle...which happens to rhyme with his real name of -- well, not Brockman. I predict "Ted" will be turning off the post button soon due to technical difficulties.

Ted Brockman said...

If I were in the business of TV or, apparently, advertising or p.r., I might have a clue who you mean. But, honest-to-God, you are picking at some innocent victim. As I've said repeatedly, I'm NOT now in TV, nor have I ever been. Ditto in the advertising or p.r. biz. Back to the drawing board, kids!

assdesk said...

We'll see what the birdie has to say when every assignment desk in the city calls him tomorrow. You write too much like you sound Ted. The big guys will know it's you. Me thinks loyalty won't mean a thing when the cameras stop showing up at the news conferences.

who cares said...

Does anyone remember WeirdHarold.Com?

Obbop said...

No wonder the Omaha cultural backwater has such lame broadcast media.

Reading what appears to be posts by those involved in the lame local media proves to me that the majority are brainless tumors whose immense egos are conversely related to their intellectual abilities.

By golly shucks, sure is comical be over yonder 'cross the holler observing the provincials here in the cultural backwater "heartland."

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