Thursday, December 29, 2005

Out of the Way, You Rubber-Necking Yokels

OK, so aside from sending Gary Johnson to cover the plane crash, WOWT did little to enhance its credibility as a newsgathering operation. According to Brian Mastre, anchoring at 5 p.m., weather "played a factor" in the crash. 'Nuf said.

But the even bigger idiots of the day were those brainless morons who, upon hearing the location of the debris, went rushing to the scene with their home video cameras. It was as if Travis Justice had cloned himself a hundred times.

What did these shit-for-brains dickweeds think they were going to accomplish by getting video of this? Here's our guess: each of these Einsteins, seeing what was happening, grabbed his camera in the firm belief that he could get footage and sell it to CNN or FoxNews.

No, it doesn't seem logical, especially given that by the time they arrived, there were three broadcast crews in place (four, if you count KPTM). But none of these people seems to have been weighed down by excess brain capacity or preoccupied about what to wear to the next MENSA Society meeting.

Just once, wouldn't you like to see people like this attacked by a bunch of other people wielding hammers?

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Cogitor said...

No, not by a bunch of people wielding hammers, but by the pride of phantom mountain lions we have running amok in the western sections of the city.

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