Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New WB "News"cast to Debut on January 16th

An alert reader informs us that KXVO's new 10 p.m. program anchored by Calvert "Larry 'Bud'" Collins will begin rehearsals on January 2nd and begin airing to an only slightly larger audience on January 16th. Anyone wanting a bellyfull of Collins' self-congratulatory, delusional description of the new show should get a copy of the Reader and check out Sean Weide's interview with her.

Here's one quote, just to whet your appetite: “The WB is part of that generation that is sophisticated news watchers.”

Yeah, this is gonna be a real trip.


Matt_X said...

ONE of the funny parts about that newscast is that management passed over weekend anchor Amanda Mueller (who I think has about five years anchoring experience) for that twit. Not to mention the producer has only part time experience in production. But seeing how Omaha continues to make the shittiest news product in the market over at 6 number one every ratings period should bode well for the WB...

TVSheila said...

Just an 'FYI'-

If you log onto KPTM'S website, you'll see a blank video screen and a link for 'the full story'.

Once you click on that, someone wrote, 'apparently no video, either!'

stupid website matches the station...

JoeBravo said...

Calvert Collins' ego is so overblown is comical. Matt_x is too kind when he calls her a twit -- complete moron is more accurate. Did anyone catch the newscast (Sunday or Monday?) when she anchored with Amanda Mueller? It was painful, and I'm sure even more so for Mueller.

BTW -- Mueller wasn't passed over for the position. It was offered to her but she didn't bite. Smart lady.

ego_bruiser said...

The WB is an obvious train wreck waiting to happen. It's to be launched in a matter of weeks and they don't have the staff to get it on the air. Have you heard about the production staff dropping out of there? Down 2 directors, (leaving only one) many news techs and the new "news tech" manager has lack of experience. I'll be tuning in for sure the next few weeks for some awesome entertainment!

The show joebravo is refering to is right, Amanda looked like she was being torchured. Poor girl. I can't wait for her to move onto a better gig that she deserves.

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