Monday, December 19, 2005

Movin' On the Nightside

KXVO is (sort of) swiping KPTM's Calvert Collins to anchor its new 10 p.m. newscast. No word on when the program will debut, but look for Sean Weide's Reader column on Wednesday to have more details.

Boy, howdy. Only with Pappas Telecasting of the Midlands can a gal land a weeknight anchor gig in a market this size when she's just seven months removed from college.

We can imagine the scene 20 years hence, when Collins is regaling cub reporters about the early days of her career.

"Yeah," she'll say knowingly, "I remember what a grind reporting can be sometimes, but it's part of payin' your dues. My days as a reporter were some tough times, but I saw it through and I was rewarded for my four months of work with an anchor job."

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Tóózy said...

Since nobody else commented on this, and my apologies to philosphers everywhere;
If a newscast falls on Omaha, and nobody watches, does it make a noise?

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