Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Local Paper Runs Ads on Talking Picture Box

Omaha's daily newspaper may not cover television, but it doesn't mind advertising there.

We noticed one spot over the weekend that features a young couple pushing a stroller through a kid-infested playground, only to be accosted by columnist Mike Kelly, who appears out of nowhere to offer them a paper.

The ad doesn't make us want to read the paper, but it does make us wonder why Kelly is hanging around a playground in the middle of the day. Isn't this where the late Peter Citron's career took a wrong turn?


Thomas York said...



Doctor Marv said...

Oh, snap!
I'm a little freaked out by the ad with the two women walking in front of the upstream being accosted with the Go! Section. It was one of the entertainment reporters dressed as a waitress forcing these women to find out what's happening this weekend. Scary!

something_something said...

There's a sports one as well (or at least there was...haven't seen it lately) with - I think I'm getting this right - Tom Shatel as a vendor at some sporting event, handing a copy of the OWH to two arguing fans.

OmahaRadioHead said...

I am still wondering where exactly the spot with Tom Shatel and geeky fans was taped. I don't recognize the place

Tricia Takinawa said...

I believe the sports spot was shot at the Creighton soccer stadium downtown I've only been there once, but I know it's close to the paper's world headquarters

DaleMunsonRules said...

The Dale says: What's wrong with hanging out at playgrounds during the day?

Seriously, Omaha agency Redstone came up with those dog spots for the OWH. What's the problem with them? Print hacks shouldn't be appearing in the ads! Faces made for two-dimensional column bugs.

Maybe the OWH staffers have to take jobs waitressing and working as peanut vendors to make ends meet. No?

Tóózy said...

To phrase it in the common vernacular:
"Ya gotta be shittin' me!"
The favored nemesis of Omaha TV News, Travis Justice has his gig put out to pasture on one of the first days new owners have the keys to the building, and all thats posted is a piece on dead perverts. Oh wait, Mikes not dead.

Joe Swank said...

I haven't seen the Shatel ad yet. Does he have any lines?? Does he get thru them without stuttering??
Just curious.

Luke said...

I contend these ads aren't nearly as dumb as the ones trying to make the OWH better than reading your news from online feeds. Every time I would open the paper, I would say to myself, "Didn't I already read about this two days ago on Google News?"

DarthSchrader said...

I would subscribe to the OWH if I owned a bird.

something_something said...

Joe, he does. These two spazzy-ass fans are arguing about some team having the best running game in the nation or something like that, and then Shatel interrupts and goes, "Where, in Finland?"

I know. I don't get it, either.

Tom_Tucker said...

What about the one where Rainbow is on the front lawn screaming. "Don't you want to read about what I did yesterday?" "My parents/husband/friends don't listen to me so I have a column".

If Omaha's paper wasn't 3 day old news, two day old sports, & worthless garbage... I might read it. They make local TV look good.

Obbop said...

Freedom of the press is a wonderful concept..... for those that can afford the cost of those presses.

We, the people have been enpowered by the Web. No longer does the elite class control to such a great extent the information that is considered "worthy" of being passed on to us.

I do wonder how long our enpowerment will last.... until the "powers that be," corporate and political, attempt to control our Web access.

Meanwhile, Trav is still my little buddy and I hope he keeps offering his tirades.

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