Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Let the Shameless Cross-Promotion Begin!

You couldn't have found happier people than the staff here when we learned that one of Journal Broadcasting's first moves after getting the keys to KMTV was to yank "For What It's Worth," Travis Justice's attempt to have opinions on whatever happened to occur to him on a given day.

Unfortunately, it's been downhill ever since. First, they kept him on the air, stamping "Sports Director" on his sorry hide. Now, they've gone and added an opinion segment to his 10 p.m. sportscast, called "The Big Take." The one good thing we can say about it is this: at least he's no longer spewing his uninformed views on fiscal policy or the war in Iraq. But that's about it.

During "The Big Take," he spends at least 20 or 30 seconds plugging his radio call-in show on Journal-owned "BigSports 590," about which the only positive comment we can make is, "At least when he's on the radio, you don't have to look at his face."

So we'll ask Journal the same thing we asked former KM3 owners, Emmis: What evidence do you have that ordinary TV and radio consumers are hungry for Trav's opinions? Or for anything containing Trav?

Better yet, just who IS the target audience for The Big Tool, anyway? The fat, middle-aged, male sports fan who drinks too much and drives around town in an oversized pickup bearing his favorite team's emblem and a picture of Calvin pissing on something? The same guy who thinks taxes are too high but can't stoping griping about how bad the roads and schools are? The one wearing the "No Fat Chicks" t-shirt that barely covers his colossal beer gut and wears that Travis-esque mustache-and-goatee-hybrid popularized by 'roid suspect Mark McGuire McGwire and various mullet-wearing country stars? That guy? Is that really who you're hoping to attract?

God help KM3 if that's the prize they're eyeing.


Frank McBoob said...

It is Mark McGwire. He'd snap you in two if he knew you misspelled his name.

Frank U. McBoob

Obbop said...


Quit pickin' on my little buddy Trav!!!!!

Somebody has to fill the shoes he wears.

And, his choice of ties to wear is stupendous.

When Trav babbles and those chubby little cheeks bulge with his witty outporings my faith in humanity is restored.

I don't know about the rest of y'all but I believe he should receive an award. Perhaps even a Nobel prize!!!!!!

DarthSchrader said...

I think that management at Journal loves to play a drinking game to Travis' ponderings.

Here's something we can all watch Travis for; the Travis Justice Drinking Game!

When Travis speaks using a sentence fragment, take a drink.

When Travis says "you know" take a drink.

When Travis makes that weird sneer with his mouth, take a drink.

When Travis gets a fact wrong; take a drink.

When Travis talks about how things "used to be", take a drink.

When Travis plugs himself or Todd and Tyler; take a drink.

When When Travis uses a word in the wrong context, or perhaps uses a word in a way that makes no sense, take a drink.

When Travis mispronounces a word, take a drink.

If you see Travis with another hair plug, take a drink.

When Travis says "For What It's Worth", take a drink.

If this game does not get you drunk in lightning-fast speed, you obviously are not watching his show...*OOPS* DIDN'T watch his show.

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