Monday, December 05, 2005

KETV Features Unusual Sunday Lineup

With regular weekend anchor Suzanne Deyo missing (and we're not complaining), Channel 7's Sunday evening newscasts found reporter Todd Andrews filling in.

Reporting were Carol Kloss, who offered options for Husker fans planning to travel to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl, and Laura Liggett, with a piece on the ongoing search for a missing girl in North Omaha. Kloss, sporting some specs that looked like they came from the Jiminy Glick collection, told viewers that tickets for the game were available for "four hunnerd" dollars and that travel packages were going for about "fifteen hunnerd."

Liggett, who sounded like she was 12 when doing morning traffic reports in the days immediately preceding the arrival of Jana Murrell, looks and sounds much more polished and mature, turning in solid reports on both Saturday and Sunday. Given her apparent poise, we can't help but wonder why she didn't get the traffic gig ahead of Murrell, whose wooden mannerisms and monotone delivery make even Suzanne Deyo look loose and spontaneous.


bandit75 said...

Hey KETV, Breaking News is not the Huskers being selected to play in the Alamo Bowl. They had a freaking crawler for that yesterday during the five o'clock broadcast. Assholes. Made me think something major had happened like another terrorist attack or Bin Laden was captured, you know, real breaking news.

Anyone see Six last night at the 10:00 broadcast. Paul Baltes made a comment about it being cold inside too that had Chaps laughing and got a dirty look and comment from Courtny. They closed with Paul saying "if someone just comes inside, you get a cold draft" and shooting a dirty look back. You could feel the tension.

Tóózy said...

Are you trying to get Carol Kloss fired?
Kloss and any synonym for glasses should not appear in the same paragraph let alone in the same sentence. Had you tossed in one of the "kicker" words, like "aged" or "mature" or possibly the phrase "senior staff member", 7's management would have reflexively kicked her to the curb faster than you can say Carol Schrader!
C'mon Ted, have a heart.

newscomplainer said...

Ted, were you watching what I was watching on Sunday night at 5:30?! Apparently not or you wouldn't say Laura's polished and mature! I didn't know what was going to come out of her mouth after several and I mean several stumbles.can't she read a teleprompter? Maybe she should start in a place like Kearney or North Platte to GET polished like others who don't have it so easy. She still has work to do on her voice. I wonder why she is even on the air!

Ted Brockman said...

I only caught the 10 p.m. reports (both nights), neither of which included LL doing anything live. The reason she's on the air is probably because Trisha Meuret and Reggie Kumar have yet to be replaced and Brandi Petersen is doing round-the-clock fill-in duty for Deyo and Omarosa Hammond.

Joe Swank said...

It was surprising to see Todd Andrews at the desk. I liked channel 7's touch when the ran his name as Todd "The Tool" Andrews. Very Nice.

You could see the sports guy - 17 year old Matt Schtick (sp?) hoping old Todd would give him some pointers for hitting on the ladies - So Matt could practice up for when he is old enough to hit the bars.

weatherwoman said...

I should really tape the news when I am not able to watch. I always miss the good stuff.

Thomas York said...

You have a link to "I hate Ann Curry". What a great concept website! Unfortunately it hasn't been updated since October. There is a void in the blogspace that you should fill - I think there's plenty of stuff here in the O, but you could jump in any time with a national comment or two. There could be a whole cottage industry of blogs devoted to the crap Today tries to pass off as news.

For example, I thought replacing Aaron Brown with Anderson Cooper was a no-brainer. That smug prick damn near had me turning to Fox on several occasions. What aboit Joie Chen? Is there anyone worse than her on the national stage? Etc.

I thought a low point was reached last week when Larry King had Hugh Hefner and his three bimbos on. Does anyone really want to watched two old guys pumped up on Viagra talk about sexualtiy? Someone needs to put Larry out to pasture.

I also think you should make national comments on your site to benefit people like me who got fed up with the banality of local news long ago and pretty much stopped watching. Still I enjoy your rants - and they are dead on. Poor Suzanne Deyo!

tvking said...

You honestly have to be shitting me about Laura Liggett. Someone please tell me (anything) that she brings to that station besides a pretty face. I would really like to know. Her live skills are far inferior to anyone in the market, she's clearly way too fresh, and in no way authoritative. She comes across as unsure, among many other things. She obviously can't write (or read, i.e. the prompter). I'm also pretty sure she's never held a TV job in her life (of course neither has Jana Murrell, way to go 7!). So please someone tell me what I'm missing here.

TVSheila said...

Todd Andrews-he's adorable! Good to see him anchoring.

Finally-some eye candy for us girls!

Too bad he's linked with Fox 42's
pretty girl/dumb blonde Calvert Collins...

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