Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hip-Hip Hooray (Sort of): Justice Exchanges "Bloviator" Job Title for "Sports Director"

In a sign that another long local nightmare may be over, KMTV is now referring to longtime gasbag Travis Justice as its "Sports Director." The shift comes almost simultaneously with the finalization of Journal Broadcast Group's purchase of the station from Emmis Communications, which occurred Monday.

What, precisely, Trav is "directing" isn't clear, since he has yet to deliver a sportscast and there's no one else on the sports staff. He did do play-by-play on Tuesday night's Creighton game in Chattanooga. Not since one of his predecessors, Jim Kelter, was broadcasting have we heard a more nasal voice calling a game.

At least we're no longer being subjected to his nightly musings on whatever headline catches his eye that day. If Journal does nothing else, it has taken a big first step in improving Channel 3's programming. Maybe voice lessons for ol' Trav could be next.


OmahaRadioHead said...

I noticed a hiccup on the Tuesday night KM3 news at 10. When they ran the opening graphics package, it was the same, mentioning "For What it's worth commentary with Trav-ass Just-ass!" I guess Journal was too focused on making sure their logo was on the closing graphics. Way to go Urnal Broadcast Group!!

Obbop said...

Travis is a cute little devil; kinda like an "adopted red haired unwanted ugly tyke child" of mine.

Of course, the lad's hair isn't red and beauty IS in the beholder's eye but Trav's ties are on the cutting edge of fashinableness (fashionableness.... is that a word? Should be if it ain't).

If little Trav ceases his bombastic diatribes who will I have to e-mail and lambast? Trav performs a quasi-vital service to the cultural backwater.... he provides a venue for the huddled unwashed yearning-to-be-free masses to shout either accolades or condemnations after watching Trav babbling on the boob tube.

Who else do you know with the guts, the audacity, the devil-may-care attitude to boldly spew where no others spew on a prime-time newscast?

Trav Trav he's our man
If he can't babble it no one can!!!!

(Imagine a herd of nubile lithe females in short cheerleading skirts bouncing in gleeful delight, giddy with the excitement of cheering on Trav.)

So........ support thine local Trav. The lad isn't all that bad. I have seen and heard worse. Besides, he's my little buddy and I'm hoping like heck to meet those cheerleaders some day.

Rah rah rah

OmahaRadioHead said...

Well obbop, that was certainly a little deep but I will roll with it.

Tóózy said...

heh-heh. obbop said boob.

IMHO, Travis was always a mercy hiring. KMTV needed mercy. They sucked and needed some boost in the ratings. They bring in Travis and hope to catch some of the Todd & Tyler audience by association. I believe that's why when they discontinued sports, they dredged up the For What It's Worth concept for him. A concept that fits him about as well a pair of 30 inch waist bluejeans do.

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