Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Full-Court Press Is On...Again

Well, it appears that one or more local media types, having no real work to do, have embarked on another effort to determine the identity of the OMA News crew. With Ted Brockman having stared into the bloated mug of KM3's Travis Justice for several minutes last week, one could surmise that ol' Trav is behind this latest push. Who knows?

First, Sean Weide posted a reward for identification of Ted on a Yahoo group devoted to local newswomen. Then yesterday, some yahoo posting under the name "riddlemethis" commented here that Ted worked for an ad agency and posted a long 2002 press release that Ted supposedly wrote. (We deleted it since it was (a) too long and (b) violated copyright laws.) Then, with that theory apparently falling apart, "diddleme" ranted today about Ted working—we think—for Union Pacific.

For the record: diddleme is grasping at straws, based on god-knows-what for information. If Justice really is behind this, his fact-finding would appear to be about as solid as his mercifully defunct "commentaries." Again, we are not in the TV, advertising, or p.r. biz. We are just viewers revolting against stupid shit we see on TV. Is that so hard to understand?

Most importantly, however, we hope that diddleme's reckless and constantly-shifting accusations don't get some poor innocent bystander in hot water at work. No one on the OMA News staff is anyone that local media types would know. So get back to work and leave your latest suspects alone. You're not even close.


theguesswho said... thinks you protest too much. Once again if nobody in local media knows you why are you afraid to reveal your identity ? Do you think Travis is going to hit you ? Is Suzanne Deyo going to hire Tanya Harding to kneecap you ?

omatvwatcher said...

What's the name of this yahoo discussion group?

Also, you might want to prepare yourself for the naming of the main anchor for that what I can only assume will be a pitiful little WB newscast tomorrow.

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