Monday, December 26, 2005

Cognitive Dissonance

• November sweeps numbers are in and word is that WOWT cleaned up at 10 p.m. More to follow.

• Were we the only ones who noticed idiot anchor John Knicely's reference to a "calvary" unit that would no longer be deployed to Iraq? What's sad is that he'll read this and have no idea what he did wrong. What a stooge. We love this picture of him, by the way. He looks like he's doing math in his head and taking a grunt at the same time.


King Vernon said...

Didn't calvery be last used in the Civil War?

jmsqabq said...

The 12/26 posting is tell, isn't it? WOWT cleaning up in November ... led by a Stepform male anchor who's a few golf balls shy of a dozen.
Happy New Year Omaha .. keep settling for less.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

Meanwhile, at the Channel 42 A/V department, poor Elizabeth Merriman was identified as Tyson Pearsall.

Obbop said...

"WOWT cleaned up at 10 p.m."

Of course. The babbling buffoons and those working behind the scenes are aiming at the proverbial least common denominator: the unwashed masses of whom a multitude of studies indicates that those masses do not read, anything, are profoundly ignorant in almost all areas of knowledge: from political to geographical to history to you name it.

To "win" at the ratings is akin to boasting of eating a Happy Meal at one's 30-year retirement gala. Sure, a lotta' Happy Meals are sold but is it fine dining? A meal to remember?

WOWT is pure unadulterated drivel. Especially hard to digest is the ignoramus teleprompter readers striving to convey their warm fuzzy we-love-you aura and having to reach deep into the depths of their bowells to force out one more laugh as their choreographed public display calls for another heart guffaw at their self-created cleverness.

Gimme' a break. If I want warm fuzzy I'll go pet a kitten.

Thomas York said...

John Kniceley is a decent guy, come on now, lay off. He's a local, unlike so many other carpetbaggers in the market. Sure the guy's tie-knots are so tight they could choke a mosquito - but is he really so bad? Calvary - that's an honest mistake caused by a teleprompter. There are easier targets...

check out

Ted Brockman said...

You don't get points for being a "decent guy" here. You only get points for doing your job well and having a clue, which leaves Knicely out in the cold every time. The guy comes across as (and by many accounts, is) a moron. And being from Sidney, Nebraska, hardly counts as "local," unless he's anchoring in Grand Island or Scottsbluff—which we think would be better suited to his "talents."

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