Thursday, December 01, 2005

Busy Week Grab Bag

While we've been otherwise engaged this week, odds and ends have popped up here and there, but nothing remarkable. So, for your amusement, we present various of the brain droppings that we've meant to turn into posts over the past few days...

• In addition to eyeing work at KPTM, former WOWT morning anchor Trey Jones has apparently informed KETV of his interest in filling the anchor chair on that station's soon-to-be-created weekend morning program.

• The shooting of two would-be robbers of a Benson pawn shop sent every Omaha station into overdrive on Wednesday. All three 10 p.m. newscasts devoted several minutes to the press conference held by the two owners of the store and their attorney, James Martin Davis.

At Channel 7, Brandi Petersen turned in a rambling, disjointed piece on the alleged robbers' backgrounds. Several minutes after anchor Julie Cornell had told viewers of one suspect's 28 run-ins with the law, Petersen wrapped up her own story by suggesting that poor school attendance was a factor. Hell, who has time for school when they're trying to keep up a busy schedule of court appearances and criminal activity?

• An alert reader, writing on Wednesday night, pointed out that KMTV's Deb Ward led off the 10 p.m. newscast by telling viewers that the snow that had been falling all evening would end "well before midnight." "It is now 11:35 p.m. and the flakes are still coming down," he continued. "And this from a station that is promoting the heck out of their weather forecasting..."

• Speaking of weathercasting, we will credit KM3 meteorologist Ryan McPike for admitting later in that same broadcast that he hadn't seen the snow coming when he made his forecast the night before. We certainly didn't hear any such mea culpa from Chief Ejacu-Weather Guesser Jim Flowers and his merry band of ninnies on Channel 6 regarding their six days of clucking about a storm that ended up missing the metro area by a couple of hundred miles; ditto when it comes to Channel 7's Bill Randby and the Mumblecasters.


Will said...

So all that stuff about Jones not wanting to work at the Big Six in the mornings because it disrupted his family life must not represent the whole truth then.

Ted Brockman said...

From what I understand, TV isn't something he wants to do full least not at those hours.

Tóózy said...

TV Trey - How can weekend work be family friendly? He had a position that allowed him to go in early, do a show, hang out for the rest of his eight hours and be home in time for a nooner. Now thats family friendly!

Brandi Peterson - What's the facination some have with her? She seems to be a refuge from one of those low rent "News for Teens" shows where some precocious twerp from Frostbite High bloviates about world events like they know it all.

Deb Ward - The trendy haircut needs to go. Is there something in Three's contracts that require females to have a hairdo that resembles bedhead? To be fair, Mary Williams has it also, and if you look at the KMTV bios page, it seems like all the women forgot a comb on picture day.

Jim Flowers - I believe he is in the running for Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. His over-reacting and apparent on-air hope for weather catastrophe is unnerving. I'm sure in Revelations there is a passage similar to this: "I looked again and a fifth horseman rode out of the fog on a bright red horse, a miasma of gloom and despair dripping from his pornstache like mucus after a sneeze..."

the_s_man said...

i think teddy needs a newscast of perfect english and perfect anchors..or teddy wont be happy..i know for a fact teddy is not the most popular person in the ketv newsroom..remember this is teddys world..and he is better than everyone else...

Luke said...

Hey Travis (aka S_Man),

It's funny: when you type, you don't have the caps lock on, which is what is seems like when you actually talk.

Cogitor said...

Why shouldn't you get a newscast in perfect, or near-perfect English? These people are broadcasters, for Christ's sake! Communication is their business. If you ever went to school for it, or paid attention when you were there, you'd know that clarity and a command of the English language are about as important as it gets.

Obbop said...


How I long for the weathercasts of old.

Sure, it was an FM radio station out in wild whacky California back in the late 1970s..... but, the "spirit" was in the air.

Every 30-minutes the DJ would walk to the window, the listeners could hear it opening, and the DJ would stick his head outside. Thereupon he would shout out his observation.

The accuracy was 100% for his immediate locale and was pert' near always what we were experiencing 20 miles away from the studio.

How I reveled when the tule fog limited visibilty to 30 feet or so and the DJ shouted, "I can't see a damn thing. Must be heavy fog tonight."

As for local TV broadcasting..... well, Nebraska IS a cultural backwater where the good ol' boy system functions in a provocative manner and the buffoonish residents possess a combined mental accuity approaching that of a stampeding herd of banana slugs so.... I suppose whatcha' gets hereabouts is basically what ye deserves.

I remain, faithfully, the Nighty Obbop.


DarthSchrader said...

Deb Ward is pure sex....if this were 1963. She needs to go. She looks like the Creamette's noodle lady.

Brandi Petersen looks like a cute baby monkey. You know, big eyes set too close together, flat-cut horse teeth, and a hair helmet. I don't understand the fascination with her either.

As for the_s_man; newspeople should try to use the English language properly because they are in *gasp* COMMUNICATIONS, and should know better. You may have watched too many "For What It's Worth" broadcasts, and assumed that Travis Justice is the gold standard for journalism. Please be assured that Travis is not the gold standard; he is the scrap iron standard of junior broadcasting. Travis must have photos of managers in compromising positions with animals, because for the life of me, I have no idea what value he brings to the table. I should know; I worked in the same building with his pompous ass. Even KPTM knew that he was worthless, but no one else would work for McDonald's gift certificates and gas vouchers, so they were stuck.

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