Thursday, December 29, 2005

Botched By More People Than All Other Local Newscasts Combined

Premature Ejacu-Weather meteorologist Jim Flowers really tickled himself during Thursday night's forecast by playing "Auld Lang Syne" under the "extended forecast," which also featured a Baby New Year image hovering over the January 1st column. He just giggled and giggled during the last few sentences of his segment. Tracy Madden, echoing our sentiments exactly, told Jim she'd be glad when the new year came so he'd "get rid of that baby." Even Brian Mastre commented that the little tyke looked like a "creepy Elmer Fudd."


Obbop said...

"...the little tyke looked like a "creepy Elmer Fudd.""

Did the super duper whoppler doppler jockey become offended when his cohorts proclaimed his visage was Elmer Fuddish an a creepy sorta' way?

I think ol' Jimmy boy actually looks semi-civilized with those borrowed biz suits. He is supplied by one or more local firms, isn't he? Jim's nose may be rather loppish but it isn't nearly as big as Elmer's schnozz.

Sadly, Flowers doesn't have nearly the good taste in ties that my little buddy Trav has. And, I betcha' Trav could go on the Web and procure forecasts as accurate as Flowers. Oh goody, watching the so-called "newscast" this very moment and Flowers had the last goodbye guffaw. Ohhhh... how phony. Phony baloney.


Cogitor said...

This morning (1/5), Jim Seidlecki was reading from the list of words and phrases that some group wants banned from further use. As most of us know, "Breaking News" is on that list. Jim reads that, and says "I don't think we'll be removing that around HERE any time soon..." Well, Jim, you got that right. They even use it when referring to old stories! Knicely: "As we reported yesterday in 'breaking news'...", as if 'Breaking News' was a scheduled segment. Jesus H.! It sounds every bit as stupid as "So and So reporting live" right after we've just seen the anchors interacting with the reporter on camera, or, God forbid, when we can still see the anchors and the reporter off at that little podium in the studio - IN THE SAME SHOT!

We've obviously got our own ideas about entries for such a list. I'm sure there are plenty more than these out there:

1. Breaking News
2. Reporting Live (as opposed to reporting while in a state of being other than 'live'?)
3. Heartland
4. Birthdays on the 7's, 6's, whatever.
5. "C.T."
6. News where you live (we all live here, for Christ's sake. That's how we pick up your signal.)
7. Live, local, late-breaking
8. Clear. Accurate. To the point. (That should go without saying.)

Oh well. I guess that's enough of me bitching for now...

Obbop said...

Allow me to interject a pet peeve regarding the babbling buffoons conveying information to the TV viewing public.

Specifically..... the weather guessers filling air time by rambling endlessly about trivial matters.

Even more specifically, wasting my time and yours by informing us of temperatures in various parts of the Omaha.

Why, tell me, why oh why do we need to hear that the temperature in Dundee is the same temperature in another part of the city 4 miles away then become enlightened that OH MY!!!!! it is a whopping ONE DEGREE hotter down by Millard!!!!!

Of course, one must wonder as to the accuracy of the temperature sensing devices being used. But, even more so, why bother to give temperatures from areas so close together? If there was a front passing through it could be marginally interesting to know the difference in temperature at the leading and trailing edges of said front. But, the corporate droids spewing useless tripe about an average day's temps across the city is ridiculous.

Hoe can such idiocy in deciding to convey such useless data be rewarded? Can't the corporate droids be more creative?

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