Friday, December 02, 2005

And One More Thing...

Can we please put a moratorium on stories about Internet scams that attempt to get gullible readers to send thousands of dollars to win a non-existent lottery? This week, Channel 6's Mike McKnight did this piece for what must have been his 58th time. We were told that this case had a twist, but the only "twist" was that the scammers waited until the third email to the "victim" to ask for money. That was it. The con artist simply waited longer to set the hook before reeling in the fish.

First of all, if people are stupid enough to fall for these things despite the dozens of news stories "exposing" them, then another one probably isn't going to have much impact. Second, if people are stupid enough to send thousands of dollars to someone they know only through emails, then they deserve to lose whatever they send. Redistributing wealth from the impossibly stupid to these internet "entrepreneurs" is merely an extension of the con being perpetrated by lotteries and casinos, only with lower overhead.

Instead of running this story ten or 15 times a year, stations should just run a constant scroll at the bottom of the screen that reads, "Attention all you dumbasses out there: Don't send money to anyone you know only through email. If you just can't resist giving your money to a stranger, email your home address to and leave the money just outside the front door."


Luke said...

Other possible crawlers:

"During the months of November and April, the roads are slick in Nebraska. Consider driving a car without rear wheel drive."

dannymccaslin said...

"Fireworks can cause serious damage to mannequins and your child."

DarthSchrader said...

Thankfully, my new Nigerian friend who wants my checking account number so he can get his millions out of oppressive Nigeria would never think to con me out of money.

bandit75 said...

"Can you get a bigger penis by clicking here?" Find out when Mike McKnight investigates.

Tóózy said...

bandit75 wrote:
"Can you get a bigger penis by clicking here?" Find out when Mike McKnight investigates.
I clicked and a Nigerian showed up!

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