Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Updating the Scorecard to Know the Players

Activity in the rumor mills and job postings...

• Reporter Doug Walker is leaving WOWT for a job outside the biz. Is Channel 6 considering making someone a one-man band? Its ad for a "reporter/videographer" suggests it's possible, however unlikely. We've learned it's unwise to underestimate the Jonas/Clark braintrust's capacity for boneheaded moves.

• Speaking of The Big Six, an alert reader prompts us to ask why Rebecca Kleeman's Monday story on spooky voices and the oddballs who love them failed to mention that one of her interviewees, Shawn Halpenny, is a WOWT writer/producer. Is the station not acquainted with the concept of full disclosure?

• Turnover Central, KPTM, is advertising for an anchor/reporter, suggesting that either Dave Hansen or the splendid Amanda Mueller is headed elsewhere. The Fox affilliate is also running ads for a producer and a photographer.

• At KMTV, there's still no evidence of a replacement for weekend meteorologist Sarah Walters, whose last day was October 21st.


weatherwoman said...

I actually watched WOWT that night -looking forward to the EVP ghost story - but it disappointed. It was well done technically, but not very informative. There are plenty of "Ghosthunters" in the area---ones that have really neat websites and scientific backgrounds. I wondered why they chose those I know.

It would be a shame to lose eith Amanda or Dave on KPTM. Amanda has become so much more polished since she began, and Dave's silly quipes are always endearing, to me anyway

omatvwatcher said...

Haven't heard anything about anyone might want to take a closer look at how that job post is phrased.

DiggerDog said...

Speaking of weather chicks, what ever happened to Amy O'Keefe?

Damon Scott Hynes said...

Amy got married and left the biz--I think hew hubby had a job up north, MN/ND or something similar.

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