Monday, November 07, 2005

Radar, Radar Everywhere and "Winter Forecasts" Stink

Dear god. Where do we start? Jim Flowers' "big announcement on Friday was "Radar to the Power of 6." As if he needs another stupid gimmick to squeeze into the Channel 6 forecasts.

If you didn't see it, the geniuses at 6 will now be able to show us three different radar scans at once, which will, according to Flowers, allow him and his lackeys to give us 3-D images of storms and whatnot.

Um, hasn't Channel 3 had that for at least a year and a half now, without the need to show us three radars at once? All we can think of when we see the three images is that guy who would come onto Ed Sullivan's shows back in the 60s and spin plates. It's not nearly as exciting watching Jim and his boys do it with radar.

The other sweeps monstrosity rolled out by 6 this weekend was John Knicely riding along with the police to bust drug dealers. Whose idea was this? Why send the dumbest man in local TV out on this assignment? We didn't see anything new or interesting, or for that matter, anything that we couldn't see on COPS.

Just let poor John sit at his desk and watch golf until airtime. Or bring back "John at Work," "John Gets Tasered," or give away a chance to knee John in the junk. But spare us the lame attempts to make him look like a journalist.


the_s_man said...

hmmm 20 some odd yrs as a journalist and poor teddy a wanna be journalist..who has more integrity? nice slander there teddy calling him "dumb"

doobie said...

slander is spoken, in print it is libel

Tóózy said...
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Tóózy said...

Did you see that 6 story on the bird flu computer virus on the 4pm show? As they were trying to drive home the point of spam e-mails, one of the emails had the subject:


-great stuff that!

huskertommie said...

Truth is an absolute defense against libel anayway.

I think you must define "journalist" before you drop any Omaha anchor into that category.

DarthSchrader said...


Okay, maybe that was childish.

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