Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Perlman Auditioning for Knicely's Job

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman has now proven himself clueless enough to qualify as a replacement for John Knicely or Andrea McMaster.

According to the local daily newspaper, Perlman offers two astoundingly foolish quotations:

(1) "We'd like to be playing for the national championship. We're not," Perlman said. "Would I be more pleased if we were? Sure. But I think these programs are not built overnight," and

(2) "We have said all along that it would take awhile to turn the program around."

On both points, he is somewhat right. Programs are not built overnight. What he fails to mention is that there was a program in place that won 10 games during the 2003 season. The only reason that one needs to be "built" at all is that he and athletic director Steve Pederson destroyed the one that worked—a feat that can be accomplished overnight.

As far as turning the program around, the precipitous drop from 10-3 to 5-6 (probably twice) suggests that the turnaround has already been accomplished.


Cogitor said...
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Cogitor said...

Speaking of quotable quotes, Rob McCartney's tease last night in the middle of the football game was something to the effect of: "Does one mountain lion in the Metro mean there may be more"? Who writes that stuff?

I was thinking maybe God kneaded up some dirt again, made one single mountain lion out of it, and plopped it down (in front of a truck, apparently) here in Omaha, but I fell asleep before I got to hear the story. I managed to sleep soundly despite that.

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