Wednesday, November 09, 2005

KETV Makes Sunday-Monday Night Adjustment

As it has for the past several sweeps periods, KETV is deploying anchors Rob McCartney and Julie Cornell on Sunday nights in an effort to boost ratings on what is one of the most-watched evenings of the week.

What's new this year is that they're givng Rob and Julie the post-Monday Night Football newscast off. MNF ordinarily ends around 11:30, too late for the pair to go head-to-head with the other late news programs.

Instead of plopping weekend anchor Suzanne Deyo in the anchor chair, however, Channel 7 has wisely given the slot to Brandi Peterson, who is superior in both talent and watchability. Putting Peterson in makes perfect sense, given that MNF viewers tend to be overwhelmingly male, especially at that hour. It's yet another hint that station management may feel more comfortable with Peterson anchoring than with Deyo stiffly rumblin' stumblin' and bumblin' her way through 35 minutes of weeknight airtime.

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joeygrisgris said...

Wait. I may be on to something. Deyo and Brandi on the news......Mumbles Bredow on the weather.....find a young blonde woman of alternative lifestyle to do the sports. Talk about "blonding". It would be a veritable cornucopia of ratings.

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