Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's How You Use It

Apparently dismayed by the meager 1.2" offical snowfall reading from Eppley Airfield, WOWT chief meteorologist Jim Flowers proudly reporter that he had "a hard three inches" in his front yard. There are some things we'd prefer Jim only share with Mrs. Flowers and his urologist. (Feel free to contribute your own punchlines.)


joeygrisgris said...

Hmmm...Dick Flowers rides again.

Tóózy said...

5. Measured top-side!
4. Luckily, his front was occluded.
3. Somebody found those 3 in her back yard, don't you know.
2. Near record setting snowfall girth.
1. Not Meatnormous.

Play90 said...

Wow - Jim's got a hard 3 inches on his lawn and Susan Deyo has a hard freeze on her head.

Play90 said...

Talk about radar to the power of 6!! No wonder he has to have such big weather toy's!! Maybe Travis could do weather, then Jim would have a peer that had a hard 0 on his lawn!

DarthSchrader said...

Of course, Dick Flowers' hard three inches happens when he unfolds his flaccid 1.5 inches.

DaleMunsonRules said...

Now guys.

What Jim is trying to say is he had an impacted 3 inches in his front hard ... I mean yard.

Best weather story in the history of mankind: The University of Washington student paper in the 1980s did a piece on the surprise three inches of "snow" that fell on campus. This was the heighth of cocaine popularity, so they calculated square mileage of the campus x snow depth x estimated street value of coke to determine how much "snow" had come down on campus.

Greatest weather story ever.

Izzle fizzle say the Dale snizzle.

The Big D

Obbop said...

I rely upon my own super duper whoppler doppler device to prognosticate better then most weather guessers babbling across the airwaves.

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