Monday, November 14, 2005


It appears that local stations are no longer concerned with ratings, but with seeing who can "investigate" more than all the others. In just a few days time, we've seen the following investigasms:

• KETV has sent Mike Sigmond out to check on carbon monoxide detectors and Carol Kloss to look into the lives of sex offenders. (One associate noted that Kloss removing her shirt for these creeps might scare 'em straight.)

• At WOWT, warbly-voiced Brian New, who always sounds like he's about to cry, was dispatched to do some detective work on Wi-Fi and the awful, terrible, very bad things that await those who connect at public hotspots. (And as hard as it is to believe, a question from anchor John Knicely—a guy who'll never be mistaken for George F. Will—left New unable to speak a coherent sentence; he clearly had no idea what he was talking about or what he was even trying to say.)

• KMTV, on the other hand, appears to be continuing its investigation into how low it can push its ratings; the station continues to let Travis Justice torture viewers with his unsolicited and largely uninformed opinions on everything from illegal immigration to the teaching of evolution in public schools. Monday night's installment featured a caller specualting about scientists finding the so-called "missing link." Watching "For What It's Worth" makes us think we've found it.

And speaking of public schools, why doesn't one of these stations investigate why OPS superintendent John Mackiel seems determined to stir up racial discord as he seeks to expand his empire. Mackiel and the rest of his sychophants, including school board members, have apparently decided to paint anyone who disagrees with their "One City, One School District" plan as would-be Ku Klux Klan members.

First, Bellevue Superintendent John Deegan—a man who never met a federal handout he didn't like, as long as his district is the recipient—suggested that those in suburban districts using the word forever sounded like Alabama Governor George Wallace. Then came a Sunday newspaper story in which Mackiel and others seemed to threaten to bring in federal civil rights agencies if the legislature didn't drink the OPS Kool-Aid.

When it announced its "plan" back in June, OPS claimed it was done to prevent its becoming hemmed in by outlying districts. In the last few weeks, however, the story has changed. Now Mackiel and Company are self-righteous crusaders for civil rights, even though it has little succes integrating its existing schools. Indeed, the Sunday newspaper story points out that OPS schools in West Omaha are some of the whitest in the city.

If local TV stations want to do some investigating, the actions of OPS's little dictator offer plenty of material.


dannymccaslin said...

I think that there are some things to investigate with OPS instead of Wi-Fi.

King Vernon said...

WOWT advertising on ESPN Classic. I saw an ad on 226 during Cheap Seats. What is that for?

Hosh said...

I completely agree about the OPS and Bellevue theories. I also whole-heartedly with your classification of dr. deegan. I'm hoping the news media's reasons for not showing it more is because their claim is so wacked out that it doesn't deserve the attention..but then again, neither do many other stories that are featured on local news. The race card is just trying to get people scared and feeling sorry for them. If they would make those schools worthwhile to drive from West O, we wouldn't have this problem.

MelMains said...

OK, this is from Lincoln, but it was too good not to share...

Channel 8 is promoting a series on infertility...they are calling it "Myths and Misconceptions".

I'm not making this up.

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