Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Different Sort of Shout Out

Tuesday was a little busy at the OMA News headquarters, so we didn't get to one item we can't let pass without comment.

Part of sweeps at WOWT seems to be a tendency to strain to come up with "unique" angles to stories without realizing those angles are either unoriginal or just plain stupid. We're not sure where to file Jim Siedlecki's Monday night story about high school football games.

The intent appeared to be to show a game from a variety of vantage points. It might've been at least a passable story, were it not for the fact that Siedlecki somehow got the idea that it would be a good idea to SHOUT the entire piece at viewers. It didn't help that he chose to do his standups from loud locations, but by the end of the story, when he was planted in the midst of the student section and screaming his lines at the camera, it was downright comical.

Even funnier, if you've followed our "Separated at Birth?" feature, was the fact that when Siedlecki shouts, he even sounds like Gomer Pyle responding in agitated fashion to Sargeant Carter.

Golly, indeed.


DarthSchrader said...

I saw his broadcast. His yelling in front of a loud crowd was about as stupid as standing in a hurricane, just to prove that there is a hurricane. The journalist has to yell the whole time, and can barely hear the studio when they ask such riveting questions as:

"Dave, can you tell us about the winds?"


"Dave, do you see anybody outside right now?"


"Dave, would you advise people to stay indoors?"


"Dave, be careful out there."

joeygrisgris said...

Or when it's 5 below zero, ice has been falling for two hours, and a reporter is asked "How are the roads out there?"

theguesswho said...

Actually Ted, your criticism of Jim and John K. in a previous post could not even be called subjective. It is simply blindly personal criticism. John's story may not have broken new ground but it was well shot and well produced. Tell me the last time "Cops" did something in Pott County ? He got good access and used it to give viewers a sense of what its like on a drugbust in a rural setting. Jim's story gave a sense of what it was like on a busy day of high school sports...its noise, its screaming, its kids acting crazy, its energy and excitement. Your dark, cynical,personal bashing of local TV has so blinded you that you cant help yourself.

jmsqabq said...

And remember TV News isn't about substance, it's about presence's been reduced to just 'being there' or in Knicely's case 'an anchor just being there.' It's all about as the post says giving viewers 'a sense' of what it's like. To do more takes too long, is too hard to do and can't be told in two minutes or less. It doesn't matter WHAT goes on, it just matters that SOMETHING goes on that, oh yeah, looks good in a 20-30 second promo. Right, 'theguesswho?'

Ted Brockman said...


Right you are. "Jim's Precision Winter Forecast" is supposed to give us "a sense" of what winter will be like. In the same way, Sheila Brummer reading supermarket prices of rump roast or canned peas is designed to give us "a sense" of what food costs.


It's not "personal" to point out that John Knicely pretending to be a reporter or Jimmy Siedlecki literally screaming at viewers for two solid minutes is shitty TV. Nor is it "blind criticism" to note that neither of those stories constituted "news."

WOWT management appears to be either tired or mentally retarded. So slothful is their approach to news that they seem to believe that trotting out what looks like a radar orgy will make up for the fact that they haven't done anything new or interesting in at least ten years (probably more like a dozen).

If they hire dimwits to shovel out crap like the aforementioned stories, then they and said dimwits should expect no less than scathing criticism and/or ridicule from anyone within range of their signal.

I feel truly sorry for the several good on-air staffers they have; more often than not, it must be embarrassing to be associated with a station that puts the local equivalent of Ted Baxter out front every night and fills airtime with mindless drivel like "What's Going Around."

theguesswho said...

Ted, You prove my point with every post.

bandit75 said...

Ted, please do not anger the blog monitor theguesswho or he will continue hurling his crushing blows on your psyche. All tremble in fear of the great and mighty theguesswho.

Ted Brockman said...


What is your point? You post these weakly-phrased generalizations and then when I offer a rebuttal, the only response you can come up with is, "You just proved my point." Your rhetorical skills lead me to believe that YOU are John Knicely or John Clark...trotting out the same old lines that make little sense (reporting live! for example).

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