Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Brace Yourselves—Jim Thinks He Smells Snow in Them Thar Hills

It was only Wednesday, but WOWT's Jim Flowers was already jonesin' for a Sunday-Monday snowstorm. Flowers' 10 p.m. Ejacu-Weather foreplay forecast maps indicated "HEAVY SNOW" would be "possible" toward the close of the holiday weekend, and we all know what that means: Jimmy and the Boys will be milking the living shit out of that possibility for as long as is humanly possible.

We're not saying it won't snow, or even that we won't get heavy snow. But the Ejacu-Weather Wankcasters have shown us time and again that no one can beat them in the over-reacting department, so you'll pardon us if we view this latest prediction with more than a little skepticism.


Tóózy said...

Thanks for that visual.
Hey, wait a minute, that explains the European Model!

Andrew Wees said...

Bill Randby said later in the week maybe for a major snow.

DarthSchrader said...

Bill also hinted that school may be out on Monday on Wednesday's 5:00p.m. newsery.

What a jackass. Like, if we get 3 inches of snow, the schools will be shut down, stores will be looted, and the National Guard will come in and rescue us.

DaleMunsonRules said...

Did someone say "snow?"

I love how the state graphics all stop at Grand Island and only show cloud cover west of there. Apparently, nobody in Omaha or Lincoln drives past Grand Island when going out west.

But they'll tell you what the weather is in Texas.

Might I make one suggestion, guys: for local forecasts. I hit the mute button when Buffalo Bill and Jimbo come on ...

And where's Carol Scott when you need her?

Faithfully submitted, the Dale

DiggerDog said...

Why are Knicley and Madden doing the 10 PM News on Sundays? Like people want to see them over The Babe?

Did you people see Gerrish at 5 PM? Dressed in her spectacular white sweater, she sdhould have done the entire news while standing up.

Play90 said...

What a crock this radar to the power of 6 is. Yesterday at 1pm, the WOWT website still said 1 - 3" of snow. Weather Box Mumbles Bredow said the total was 2/10ths of an inch. What a crock Jim. If I was as accurate at my job, me and my hard 2" would be out on my ear.

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