Monday, November 28, 2005

Always on His Mind

The media column in this week's Reader, written by Sean Weide, devotes some space to local personalities' responses to the question, "What are you thankful for?"

Now, we've long heard that this little blog gets under the skin of KMTV's serial opinionator, Travis Justice, but we had no idea that we were so engrained in his consciousness until we read his response to Weide's question: "I'm thankful for, some of the nicest people in the world! They know how to spread the holiday cheer."

Aw shucks, Trav. We hardly know what to say.

On the topic of Weide's column, the previous week's edition revealed the impending departure of Trav's boss, KM3 General Manager Jim McKernan. As soon as Journal Broadcasting completes its purchase of the station from Emmis Communications, McKernan is history.

Since McKernan is largely responsible for Justice's presence at Channel 3, one could hope that the new management might turn full custody of the "For What It's Worth" blowhard over to the radio side of its Omaha operation. After all, Trav already spends quite a bit of time on Z-92 with Todd 'n' Tyler and on Big Sports 590, where he has his own call-in show. Both stations are owned by Journal.


DarthSchrader said...

This Thanksgiving I was thankful for Travis Justice's "For What It's Worth" being shitcanned. Oh, yeah; and for my family and friends...I'm thankful for that as well. At least I mentioned them. Ass-clown didn't say he was thankful for his family. He should be thankful that they can tolerate him.

Obbop said...

Travis' rants and raves make my liver quiver with unadulterated delight.

And, it is great fun to e-mail the lad and lambast him and his utterances.

The kid is kinda' cute, you must admit.

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