Monday, October 31, 2005

You Can Overcome Not Hiring the Right Person; You May Never Recover from Hiring the Wrong One: The Sheila Brummer Story

Watching Sheila Brummer fill in for Tracy Madden on Friday night’s “Ten at 10” provided us with all the support we need for our contention that the station should have left her on the list of unemployed Des Moines residents.

After John Knicely wrapped up a story on soaring oil company profits by noting that one company made “nearly 10 billion in one quarter alone,” Brummer followed up by exclaiming, “And it’s not bad tonight!” An awkward pause followed. This, it turns out, was Brummer’s attempt to segue into Jim Flowers’ “No-Wait Forecast.”

Moments like these must leave new viewers wondering if this is her first day or two on television.

Other eyebrow-raisers:

• Brummer rarely starts a sentence with a word other than “now” or “and.”

• She has trouble with pronunciation. Example: The word Hurricane, in her mouth, becomes “HEAR-uh-cane.”

• She has trouble with phrasing. After giving out the “Six Online” phone number, she urged viewers to “leave some voicemail messages.”

• Then there are the strange facial expressions (beyond the fact that she appears to be cross-eyed most of the time). There’s the ill-timed grin at the camera while her co-anchor speaks. Another favorite is one where her face appears to go numb at the end of a sentence, with her eyelids dropping to half-staff and eyes appearing to glaze over. Creepy.

It’s bad enough that Channel 6 management passed over Courtny Gerrish for the 4 p.m. anchor position. But giving it to a half-baked camera-unfriendly dipstick like Brummer is ridiculous.


critical1 said...

Now, I'm not saying that he was camera friendly, but at least Chris Farley was enjoyable to watch. I'm glad some one else mentioned the eyes, even though it was sort of crass, but it means I can quit smacking the side of my TV trying to get them to line up.

joeygrisgris said...

I can't but help but thinking, whatever causes her (Sheila B.) face to make those weird contortions.....I want some and I want it now.

gerrishnut said...

I actually saw Brummer in person, not bad. But the girl is way out of her element as an on-air talent.

RogerJohnson said...

The last paragraph of her bio on states, "When she does have spare time, Sheila enjoys Middle Eastern Dancing...."

I cannot help but to think of the movie Billy Madison where he walks in from the dodgeball game to find his freaky glue eating kindergarten teacher doing middle eastern dancing!

critical1 said...

rogerjohnson - LOL! That is a hilarious mental picture. She does have a good camera look, she just needs some polish.

Matt_X said...

Speaking of 6, anyone catch Flowers' getup tonight? Talk about taking the 70's pornstar look to new heights...

grad student said...

I personally like Brummer. I can see a need for "polish" --but who doesn't need some polish from time to time?
I say give her time to find her zone.

DarthSchrader said...

I think she may have Tourettes Syndrome. It looks as if she is holding back some nervous ticks.

Maybe the poor woman has had a stroke at some point, or perhaps Myasthenia Gravis?

Or...maybe she is just horrible?

Prevenger said... husband and I call her "THE SMIRKER" Her face contorts into a smirk when she finishes speaking. One or the other of us will call out (in a chicken-like peck) "SMIRK" when she makes the face. We end up saying SMIRK many times during her 'readings'. Good times. And then there's that lady with the EYEBROWS. Good God...what is her name?

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