Monday, October 17, 2005

WOWT Gas Leak?

Is someone pumping nitrous oxide into the WOWT studio every night around 10:30, or is everyone in the room smoking weed during breaks?

We're asking because it would explain the imbecillic giggling that breaks out every night at the end of WOWT's 10 o'clock newscast. The slightest twitch, look, or remark sends the entire anchor team into a fit of hysterical laughter. To a lesser degree the same thing seems to happen on the weekends to Gerrish, Baltes, Chapman, and whatever weatherdork is on duty. (It was worse when The Skeletal Remains of Kara Rovere occupied the weekend anchor chair.)

Typically, following the last commercial break, Dave Webber will utter a word or two as Jim Flowers chirps to the end of his forecast recap. Then John Knicely scaffolds off Webber's remark and adds "Tracy Madden" to the end of the sentence, which causes the entire team to laugh so hard that they lose control of their bladders. It's really rather bizarre to watch, especially over the course of several nights.

Not that any of it is unprecedented. The nightly laugh riot has been a staple at Channel 6 going back to Knicely's early days as anchor with Pat Persaud, but it had seemed to decrease when Tracy Madden first moved to the big chair.

But those days are over. Their madcap sense of humor is back now, and boy is it a sight.


King Vernon said...

I usually watch The Daily Show, but I did catch that crap last week. It was so unfunny.

DarthSchrader said...

Maybe it was the Caddyshack joke.

Dave: Hey, Jim...did you hear the one about the Jew the Catholic and the colored boy who went to heaven?

Jim: Oh, yeah Dave. That's a doozy!

Chapman: Colored boy? I'll fix you...colored boy.

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