Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Viewer Mail

Here's an email we just can't do justice to without publishing it word-for-word. It's from a reader who identifies himself/herself as "Heartland Values." Enjoy.

Dear Ted,

You really are the fictional Ted Brockman brought to life. My goodness. About 3 hours after one of your readers asked you who your Dream Team would be you had it. 3 hours to assemble a dream team. 3 hours? Travis spends more time than that to come up with his gut reaction ramblings.

I expect more thoughtful consideration from the Great Ted Brockman. You need to explain your rationale. You need to post why you overlooked quality reporters while including light weights who would have trouble getting hired in North Platte.

You copped out not looking at past talent. Of course, then you would have had to spend 4 hours on your thesis. Today's talent doesn't come close to Omaha's past talent in the days before the business mentality of news took over, cut salaries and turned Omaha into an entry level market.

Your Dream Team segment also reads more like a syrupy Good News television piece. I don't read Ted Brockman for nicey nice comments. I read you with great anticipation for the vitriolic proclamations and biting sarcasm. Come on, Ted. Take your nasty pill and get on with the Ted Blog we know and love.


H.L. Values


Cogitor said...

Gee...which Heartland Values would that be? The meth cooks, Catholic clergy pedophiles, gang-bangers shooting 5-year-olds, Hillbilly pit-bull owners, or thieves in the Treasurer's office? Or would it be the self-righteous so-called "Christian" Right trying to tell the rest of the f-bombing world how to live their lives?

Obviously, this H. L. Values (not to be mistaken for H. L. Mencken) enjoys your forays against incompetence, as I usually do. But every time I hear the term "Heartland Values" I just want to regurgitate.

Charter Membership VRWC said...

It takes balls the size of a Caddy to be the self-righteous and audacious jerks who'd accuse those on the right of the things you do, all the while being acutely critical of those in the profession yuse claim to love so much. Constructive criticism is one thing, but the kind of sarcastic back-biting that I've observed here would make one think twice before offering an opinion contrary to "Ted's" of that of "Mr./Ms. Values." This blog, on the whole, is one blog that makes one think the owner has someone pissing in his wheaties, nearly every morning. Slightly depressing, with the full flavor of wasted talent.

God Bless,

P.S. -- Not allowing anonymous posters would be fine, except for that anonymous owner, hisownself. Gee, can we spell the word "hypocrite?" I'll bet we can!!

BadGod said...

I, unlike charter membership, have posted comments contrary to Ted's.

His "sarcastic back-biting" is one of the reason's I enjoy this blog.

I know that if I leave a comment the he doesn't agree with, he is more than welcome to answer in anyway he sees fit. I may not agree with him on everything (Andrea Bredow, for example), but at least he doesn't delete the comments he doesn't like to read.

Oh, and it is HIS blog, so you know, whatever.

That is all.

bandit75 said...

Hey Larsen, save it for the Nonpareil. If you don't like the blog, don't read it.

No deity blessing needed here,

theguesswho said...


You must not be reading the same blog the rest of us are. Thin skinned Ted deletes comments he doesn't like all the time

Ted Brockman said...

We don't delete many comments here, but we do pull those that are potentially libelous, unusually profane, or just plain creepy. We even pulled a couple attacking Travis Justice. But those disagreeing with our opinions? We figure everyone has the right to be wrong.

journalism101 said...

Upon threat of legal action from the wise, courageous, and apparently unchallengeable Pee Wee Brockman, I will keep this clear and to the point...Pee Wee DOES delete a LOT of posts.

I just continue to play wack-a-mole with this little boy with no life.

Ted Brockman said...

Why do we suspect that a mole isn't at the top of the list of things you whack?

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