Thursday, October 20, 2005

Trav Talks About OMA News

Travis "The Tool" Justice was missing from Thursday night's 10 p.m. newscast, sparing us at least one dose of "For What It's Worth." For that we are thankful.

But according to a reader who calls himself Luke, Trav was talking about us with Todd 'n' Tyler on Z-92 Thursday morning. But rather than re-tell what Luke said, we'll let you read the email, which contains some other non-Tool-related remarks:


Don't know if you're a listener to Tard 'n Tyler on Z92, but the blog was mentioned today (specifically about the Jim Rose entry) early in the morning. Evidently, one Mr. Justice does, in fact, read OmaNews and is upset by the fact that you're a "critic in anonymity," and thus, gives you no merit.

What everyone misses is the fact that anonymity gives us the ability to be truthful in the light of possible retribution. That's not to say anyone in the new biz has that kind of political clout, but this *is* such a small town.

I say "rock on." Whether you're connected to the industry or not, jilted or not, anonymous or not, I could care less. It's damn fine stuff you produce.

Besides, I like my blogs like I like my women and morning coffee: Bitter.


BadGod said...

I also caught this on the show. I believe one of the two, Todd or Tyler, said they don't even listen to the hate anymore; meaning their own hate mail and stuff. These people are only where they are because they are paid to entertain.

To say that they don't listen to the critics and haters makes no sense. They (Todd and Tyler and Travis) are about entertaining the listeners and/or watchers. So for them (or any other person in that line of work) to say they don't care what people say, well, that's bullshit.

And while I am at it, I cannot stand T-n-T. They tell everyone that they are the number 1 morning show in Omaha. Oh, big deal. Put them in a larger market and they will drown.

Maybe that's why they aren't in syndication after 13 yrs!

Sorry, I know this blog is about news, but I had to say that.

Btw: XM Radio is the only way to go.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

1. I can see why they don't read their hate mail; they prolly don't even read their fan mail! It's not their job--that's why stations hire consultants and that's why there's a ratings book...

2. Agreed about TnT's show and Z-92's geezer-rock format. "All Freebird, all the time..."

3. You think Omaha news sucks, Omaha radio is worse. Steve Brown is the only thing keeping the Democrats on life-support, if Becka is so good, then why does he keep coming back to this market? KKAR pist me off by moving Ingraham back an hour...Maybe I just don't want to hear Omaha-based talk, I dunno. 89.7 is probably the best, but they've gotten less rock and more acoustic.

bandit75 said...

I'll bet while Trav was talking about it, his chinless face was jiggling with anger. That guy could win the George Lucas Disappearing Chin Award. With all the abuse he gets on this blog, I bet he cries every night as he lay his huge, gelatinous head down on his pillow.

With that being said, go check out badgod's blog. That guy is hilarious. I'd vote for you Brian.

blogboy said...

I know this is not a radio site but I totaly agree that t&t are waaaaaaaay overrated!!!! I have been all over the country and they don't even make the top 100. people like Don & Mike syndicated out of D.C. or Phil Hendrie out of California or Ron & Fez who were out of N.Y. but now D.C. would blow t&t out of the water!! I also agree about KKAR and moving The Laura Ingraham Show. I also enjoy Neil Bortz out of Atlanta.

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