Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Press Photogs Say KMTV Video Clear, Accurate, to the Point.

We've made no secret of the fact that we appreciate KMTV's effort. Operating with less staff and fewer resources than WOWT and KETV, the folks at Channel 3 still put together a newscast as good as any in this market, if not better.

Making the feat all the more amazing is that these folks continue to crank out high-quality work despite the demoralizing and certainly embarrassing presence of Travis Justice's "For What It's Worth" commentaries. Plopping Justice's blabbering into the midst of their work is a bit like placing a bowl of rabbit shit in the midst of a steak dinner.

But we digress.

At this past weekend's Nebraska Press Photographers Association awards, KMTV's crew lapped the competition, collecting 14 of 26 awards, including a second straight Photographer of the Year honor for Harry Flansburg.

What's shameful is that no other Omaha station came close to KM3's numbers, despite the bigger budgets available to two of them. Moral of the story? If the two larger stations in town would spend their money on doing high-quality work instead of on consultants, Omaha viewers would have much more to choose from when it came time to watch the news.


Midtown said...

Come on Ted please tell me you do not much stock in TV awards. I am not ripping Channel 3 they do fine work. But the whole process has always seemed silly to me.
You do a story well (which is your job BTW on every story not just the cool ones with good nat sound) and then you submit it at the end of a certain time period and others judge it. I'm just not a fan of the whole thing... I have seen reporters that mail it in on a daily bases win awards for stories that are little more than mediocre and great stories by fine reporters get ignored.
Do your job everyday that's what I say.

ExOmahaShooter said...

Hey midtown, I agree with your comment that you should do your job everyday. The best part about KM3 winning all the awards is that the photographers do just that. They consistently do great work and it shows when they win the awards every year. I am not saying that the two big stations don't have good shooters, because they do, but maybe they no longer care about winning awards. I have always thought that KM3 had the best group of shooters and the last couple of years they have proved it.

jmsqabq said...

C'mon, is 'Harry Flansburg' his real name?

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