Wednesday, October 19, 2005

OMA News Unveils New Feature

Instead of "For What It's Worth," KMTV should call Travis "The Tool" Justice's nightly waste of time "Travis Justice Grasps the Obvious." Until the folks at Channel 3 make that move, we will, from time to time, highlight some of the more idiotic pontifications by the guy better suited to serve as poster boy for the Setliff Clinic.

In today's edition, we present Trav's teaser for his Tuesday night segment. Quoth The Tool: "It's not just comedians who get a laugh when elected officials screw up."

Thanks, Trav. And thank you, Channel 3, for providing the community with this valuable service. What splendid use you're making of your license.

If it weren't indelicate to use the word retard to describe this guy, that's the one we'd choose.


BadGod said...

Ok, not to beat a dead horse, don't know the guy. You have never met the guy, right?

I understand and agree with you on "For what it's worth" being a waste of air time. I don't care much for him myself.

You say that you have never been in TV, right? I think, just a guess, that you were a....producer. Who got screwed. NO?

OK. Maybe a reporter that was passed over for a chance to guest anchor or something. NO?

I just can't believe someone could hate the local news this much and not have been screwed over by it or something.

Now, before you get all pissed off and make fun of me, I am not starting trouble. I am honestly curious as to the reason you devote so much time and energy into this blog about the local news, when the commercial radio in this area blows ass just as bad.

If I were to guess your occupation correctly, would you admit anyway?

BadGod said...

I can't remember if I asked this or not:

Who would be your "dream team" of newscasting. Say on the 10pm newscast. And while your t it, list the morning, 5pm and 6pm also. Should be interesting.

Is it safe to assume my darling Andrea Bredow will not be the weather girl? Damn.

Ted Brockman said...

Ted Brockman said...
OK, here we go again. No one associated with OMA News has ever been employed in television in any capacity at any time anywhere in the universe. The only interaction we've ever had with any television personality has been incidental, such as the time we passed The Tool when he preparing to do a remote from Nebraska Furniture Mart.

What we can't figure out is why it's so hard to imagine that ordinary viewers could be irritated by the endless parade of moronic anchors, reporters, and stories that local stations shove at us on a daily basis. Granted, there are several fine anchors, reporters, and photographers working here and there, and we try to recognize those people for their good work.

But it's more than a little frustrating to be unable to find a newscast that we can rely on to consistently treat us like we aren't idiots and to provide us with a broadcast that's solid from beginning to end.

For example, Channel 3 gives it a valiant effort, but then turns over three or four minutes to The Tool.

Channel 6 gives us Tracy Madden and Dave Webber, but then drops turds in the punchbowl in the form of Andrea McMaster and Gary Smollen, not to mention every meaningless gimmick, half-assed story, and technical glitch available.

If we watch Channel 7? Sure, we get Rob McCartney, John Oakey, Brandi Petersen, and Mike Sigmond—but we have to put up with Julie, Omarosa, and Deyo. Blech.

And at 42, there's poor Amanda Mueller, who is quickly buried by all manner of excrement.

It doesn't take a degree in journalism, experience in the business, or any other special qualifications to be cognizant of or annoyed by all this. As we've said from the outset, this is a blog instigated by a viewer to register viewers' opinions on the bullshit we're fed every morning, noon, and night by stations that are supposed to be serving our interests.

As for the reference to all "the time and energy" put into this endeavor, we must confess that we've probably never spent more than an hour a day on this thing, and on most days, it's more like 20-30 minutes.

Platte Matt said...

Why did someone down below call you Ted Kaasch? Is that your real name? If so I'm sure someone at one of the TV stations could verify that you have never worked here in Omaha.

theguesswho said...

Yes Ted, How is the nightlife in Omaha ?

Ted Brockman said...

We have no idea who Ted Kaasch is, but it's just another in what has become nearly a year of failed guesses as to our identities. Give it up, people. You're more likely to make Jana Murrell into a competent TV personality than you are to name even one member of the OMA News staff.

Hap O'Gilmore said...

Give it up Kaasch, you've been outed.

Hap O'Gilmore said...

Why don't you just tell everybody you are Jim Minge!!!

bandit75 said...

Ok here is the big reveal. Ted Brockman is actually Chuck Roberts, former KMTV weeknight anchor. There, everyone happy?

Sean Weide said...


Thank you for clearing my name.

bandit75 said...

Any time Sean. Keep writing/reporting. I enjoy reading your cycling news.

DarthSchrader said...

Travis Justice = Jackass

I know the guy; used to work in the same building with the guy. He is a jackass.

Big head (probably filled with congestion) big ego, big jerk. Treats others as if they are below him on the food chain.

In conclusion, rock on, Ted. You are balls-on accurate with this butthole.

ilovenews said...

As soon as Journal gets the approval to buy 3, Travis's commentary will be dead. My guess is they put him back at sports where he belongs.

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